baby no. 2 bump update {18 weeks}.

{if you missed our announcement, click here}

as i did when i was pregnant with L, i will {periodically} track what’s going on with baby Gillis no. 2 on this here blog. so, let’s go!

here’s what’s going on with baby no. 2 this week {from Babycenter}:

Head to rump, your baby is about 5 1/2 inches long, and he weighs almost 7 ounces (about the size of a bell pepper). He’s busy flexing his arms and legs — movements that you’ll start noticing more and more in the weeks ahead. His blood vessels are visible through his thin skin, and his ears are now in their final position, although they’re still standing out from his head a bit. A protective covering of myelin is beginning to form around his nerves, a process that will continue for a year after he’s born. If you’re having a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are formed and in place. If you’re having a boy, his genitals are noticeable now, but he may hide them from you during an ultrasound.

how far along: 18 weeks + 1 day.

total weight gain: 2 pounds – seriously! although, if history shows, i’m due for a big weight gain between now and the next six to eight weeks!

report – recent prenatal appointment: as of my last appointment (at the end of June), everything looks great with baby Gillis no. 2; his/her heartbeat was measured between 130-140 beats per minute, and we could hear evidence of movement on the Doppler. i’ve felt a little bit of movement here and there so far, but nothing very consistent, so i’m looking forward to baby’s major growth and development in the coming weeks so that movement becomes more recognizable and frequent!

a bump picture: {these are from our recent family reunion – i was 17 weeks here}


what’s coming up: on july 17 {me and Jord’s four-year wedding anniversary!}, we will have our 20-week ultrasound to check the baby’s anatomy, including the baby’s gender! we are hopeful that this baby shows us “the goods” so that we can announce whether we’re having a boy or a girl {and so i can start shopping!}. after we tell our families and close friends, we’ll likely announce the gender {provided that baby cooperates} on social media sooner than the blog, so be sure to follow along with us on Instagram and Facebook by clicking the links on the sidebar!

food cravings: chips + queso from Qdoba and water with lemon slices + a TON of ice.

what i’m looking forward to: the 20-week ultrasound + our family trip to Omaha for L’s first trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo!

what i miss: red wine {especially when we eat spaghetti}, drinking as much coffee as i’d like {i’m drinking only one small cup per day, if that}, and sleeping on my belly.

what’s different between my pregnancy with L and this pregnancy, so far:

- i only had intermittent morning sickness {perhaps twice per week, usually on Sundays and Thursdays – odd, i know!}, compared to five straight weeks of morning sickness with L.

- i’ve only been to the ER once {around eight weeks, for pain associated with – what we learned – was a kidney stone}, as compared to two ER visits with L, both for dehydration.

- with L, i craved orange-colored food {think orange Jello, orange soda, Cheetos, etc.} throughout the majority of my pregnancy; this time around, while i still loved orange Jello and a Cheeto every now and then, orange soda made me sick, so i’ve stuck with pink lemonade and water with lemons + ice.

- i’ve felt round ligament pain later, but stronger, in this pregnancy. i’ve also had more back pain, despite my devoted use of a body pillow when sleeping at night.

next appointment: july 17th for our 20-week ultrasound!

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a newsy post.

hi all! it has been awhile since we have posted, but we have a great excuse…


that’s right – we are expecting baby no. 2! after writing this post on our (relative, of course) “struggles” to conceive this baby, i felt so grateful for the outpouring of support and love we received from readers, friends and family. and what is so magical – and what continues to amaze me about God’s divine timing – is that we were likely either pregnant or about to become pregnant when that post hit the web. that’s a God thing right there, i am convinced!

anyway, we are so blessed to be preparing to welcome another little Gillis to our family early in December. at this point (i am 17 weeks along), we are planning on a scheduled c-section for this birth, since i had a c-section with L (click here to catch up on how L came into this world). our 20-week anatomy scan is scheduled for our four-year wedding anniversary (how special!), which is just a few short weeks away, and we are so hoping that little Gillis no. 2 shows us “the goods” so that we can share and celebrate our little mister or miss on the way with our loved ones (and you!).

in other news, this little guy turned two recently:


we celebrated with an Elmo-themed bash that was a big hit with our little man, and we were so delighted to share our love for our firstborn with our family and friends!

we are also (bravely, we are told) taking on the task of potty-training this month. we have noticed over the past two months that L is proving his readiness to end his time with diapers. specifically, he has begun telling us when he wants to be changed and when he is pooping, and he has even started taking off his own diapers in favor of nudity (so much so that he needs to wear shorts/pants nearly all the time to prevent this!).

we plan to follow this potty training “boot camp” method (thank you, Pinterest, for helping me to find a wealth of sources on potty-training success!). last night, we took L shopping for “big-boy undies” and stickers for his sticker chart (he will “earn” a sticker every time he goes in the potty!). our potty-training efforts begin tomorrow (Thursday); in other words, we are using the long holiday weekend to our benefit to help L to grow comfortable with using the potty. we realize that this effort will be ongoing throughout the rest of the summer especially, but it is our goal to have L comfortably in undies during the day time at least (nap time and night time will be a bonus) by the time he returns to school (daycare) in mid-August.

one more thing on potty training: we wouldn’t even consider potty-training L at this age (25 months) if he hadn’t displayed a sense of readiness AND if his vocabulary skills and mental/emotional development weren’t so mature (his doctors’ words). in other words, while we are hoping that he is truly “ready,” we are more than prepared to wait a few weeks/months if this round of potty training doesn’t go well. we want this to be a positive experience for L, and we will work hard to make sure it is, which means following his lead this weekend.

now, on to some house things…

* we are the proud owners of a new (to us) vintage dresser. you might recall that we are selling our bedroom furniture (originally from IKEA – the Hemnes line) to my brother, and since one of those pieces is our Hemnes dresser, we have long been on the hunt for a piece with the personality and storage capacity that we wanted for the space.

and so, may i introduce our new (old) yellow friend, which we purchased from a local vintage store (Aviena Vintage, for you South Dakota locals) for about $270 beans:


the price was a bit more steep than we wanted to pay, but the quality of the piece is unmatched, and the color couldn’t be more perfect with our indigo-painted walls.


* this weekend, Jord and i plan to build our new bed for our master bedroom. we plan to be outdoors and/or on wipeable surfaces most of the weekend as we potty-train L (he loves being outside, and accident clean-up will be much easier outside/on tile), so we feel that this will be the ideal weekend for a little construction project. the bed is a simple platform bed without a headboard, since i plan to DIY an upholstered headboard for us in the near future. the plans we are following are these from the amazing Ana White’s DIY website.

* provided that L is able to grasp the potty-training concept this summer/fall, we plan to transition him from his crib into a twin bed sometime in late fall, before baby. no. 2 makes his/her debut. we feel so fortunate to have been gifted two wooden twin bed frames (headboard and footboard with side rails) from my mother’s childhood; we can’t wait to freshen them up with some paint (even though we won’t need bed no. 2 for a few years, why not paint it now?!), track down the perfect bedding, and update some of the artwork on his walls to complete L’s “big-boy” room.

- side note: we plan to reuse the crib for baby no. 2, of course, but we plan to move it into our bedroom to help L to continue his (stellar) sleep time (relatively) uninterrupted. (i cannot wait to carve out a personalized space just for baby in our room!)

- once we have baby no. 2 sleeping on a relatively dependable nighttime schedule (a concept which makes me laugh, because babies certainly have their own agendas and ideas, but we will sure try!), we plan to have L and baby no. 2 share a room for the foreseeable future (regardless of baby no. 2′s gender). our home’s third bedroom is downstairs, so our two kiddos will likely share until we are comfortable with L sleeping on a different level of the house than us. plus, shared kiddo rooms are fun to design and dream up (check out my Pinterest board for evidence!), and i look back fondly on the times when i shared a room as a youngster with my brother!

* other items on the house to-do list before baby no. 2 arrives include painting/touching up few pieces of furniture (two wooden rockers and the twin beds), which my parents have generously offered to help us complete. anything else that we complete (like a DIY sunburst mirror – made out of shims! – that i have been working on forever, the headboard for our bedroom, the pallet accent wall in our basement, and more…) will be a bonus.

alright, nap time is calling little L’s name, and since the days that are left for me to rock him to sleep are numbered (both because of the quickly evaporating summer and due to the kicking babe in my belly), i must soak up these fleeting moments with our first boy. back soon!

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a {rare} poem – mama’s owies.

Mama’s Owies
By Sara Gillis

I left a layer of skin
A sample from each arm
In the sand at Tut Hill Park

I went first
On the worn yellow slide
To show him it wasn’t scary
But it was

He saw my body splail
As my fingers gripped the sand
Stiffening myself to display a smile
When Mama crocodile tears threatened to fall instead

As I climbed atop the play set
Where his eager eyes were tracking mine
My face markedly grim, but concealed with a grin
I said, “Lionel’s turn?”
“No,” he said, without his usual crinkle in his eyes.

“That’s okay,” I replied.
I paused, just for a beat,
Before I spoke.
“Mama got two owies.”

His face wrinkled with concern
At the sight of my pathetic little wounds
One near each elbow, a matching pair.

And like I always do for him,
For the pretend ones and the real ones and every one in between,

His little lips brushed against my Mama owies
And he smiled.
“All better, Mama?”

My heart weakened
At the sound of his little voice,
His newly-minted two-year-old innocence slipping away by the second.

“Yes baby, thank you,” I choked out
As I pulled him in close, breathing in his sweet smell of apple juice, baby sweat and the lotion I’ve smoothed onto his body his whole life.

As his pudgy arms encircled my neck,
I wanted to bare them all,
All of my Mama owies,
From the scar that stretches across my abdomen,
Marking his arrival,
To the silly little bumps where his head meets mine a little too hard.

Because I know he’d make them all better.
He always does.

Instead, he toddled off
Across a bridge
To the steering wheel perched atop the structure.
He vroom, vroom, vroomed
As I, his Mama, watched,
Owies ceaselessly forming and healing in my heart.

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he’s two.

a letter to L as he turns two today:

Swimming L - June 2014

Dear Sweet Boy,

I can’t believe that you’re two. The past two years since your birth have literally flown by, and I struggle to remember what life was like before your independent little self joined our family.

Your Daddy and I were talking earlier this week about you, and we realized that while we can really see your sense of independence flourishing in toddlerhood, you’ve always followed the beat of your own heart, ever since you were born. When you were only a few weeks old, you rolled from tummy to back, even though you weren’t “supposed” to do that until you were older. Once you started eating solid food, you’ve always eaten what you want, when you’re hungry. Most recently, if you want to read a book, you’ll select the one you want and refuse to read another book that you aren’t interested in (even though it may have been your favorite book yesterday). You tell us what you want to eat for breakfast – usually, you want Frosted Flakes with milk, but you’ll be sure to let us know (typically by a very vocal “no” voiced with attitude) if that entree is not cutting it that day.

To celebrate who you are at this very moment, we’re taking you swimming today. You love playing in the water and exploring the pool with your Daddy, and Mama loves to take pictures of you splashing and having fun. We’re throwing you an Elmo Spaghetti birthday party tomorrow at our house, since your two most favorite things in the world (besides your green monkey, Gus) are Elmo and your Daddy’s homemade spaghetti. We’re so excited to celebrate your little self with our friends and family who love you so so much!

Oh Lionel Conner, we love you to the moon and back, and back and forth again and again.


Mama (and Daddy)

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I caught Lionel reading out loud to himself.

Summer has hit, we spend a lot of time outside, playing and doing all sorts of fun family things. Blog posting isn’t one of them. However, I leave you with this fun little capture. The boy is almost two!

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write: doe bay.

first of all, a belated hello, how are you? coming at you from me. i know it’s been awhile since i’ve posted here – well, since we have posted here (this is Jord’s blog, too!) – and that’s for many, many reasons, most of which are uninteresting. however, i’m here today to tell you all about my experience at write: doe bay in april.

in short: it was transformative for sure, but i’m still unsure of the hows and whys surrounding said transformation. in fact, i’ve been avoiding writing this post since i returned home, precisely because i don’t think that i can do the experience justice. it was hard, y’all, in so many ways, but i would say that i’m glad, overall, that i went.


the long version, composed in a list, because i could go on forever:

  1. it is quite the trek to get to doe bay. in other words: you gotta be committed. i flew from our small little regional airport to Denver, and then caught another plane to Seattle. then, my lovely and kind fellow doe bay goers picked me up at the airport, and we traveled another 2-ish hours to the ferry terminal at Anacortes, which was headed to Orcas Island. the ferry ride took another 1.5 hours, and then we took a taxi for 40 minutes to get to the doe bay resort. y’all, by the time we arrived at the resort, i had been traveling for like 15 hours straight, counting the time change. in short, when thinking about the time i spent traveling and the motion sickness that i was (unfortunately) battling throughout the day’s travels, it was INSANE. i passed out almost immediately upon arriving in my room and didn’t stir for three straight hours. it was heavenly.
  2. the people at write: doe bay made the trek worthwhile. i met such wonderfully kind, genuine people with stories to tell and compassionate listening ears, ready to hear mine.
  3. the ferry + the Sound + other scenery = love. it was just beautiful. Orcas Island may have felt like the end of the earth in terms of how long it took to get there, but once i was there, i felt my shoulders relax as i breathed in the air of the water and the nature. i’m more of a city girl, so this experience certainly pulled me out of my element (and i wouldn’t say that we were cozied up in luxurious accommodations, but it got the job done). but: a little cabin that’s surrounded by natural beauty wasn’t a bad place to call home for a few days.
  4. a minor detail, but it must be mentioned: the food at write: doe bay was unbelievable. so, so delicious. i didn’t eat everything (yay travel sickness), but what i did eat was AMAZING. i tried halibut for the first time, and it was dreamy. there was endless oatmeal in the morning (made in a crock pot!), which is my happy place, and salads, fresh fruit and veggies…it was just insanely delicious.


and now, my take-aways from the event:

  1. oh, the stories. if write: doe bay taught me anything, it’s that the world hasn’t even begun to hear all of the stories that need to be told. while i remain unsure as to what my story is, and how to tell it, i met some amazing men and women who’ve just got it. it was inspiring and overwhelming and emotionally draining and enlightening and energizing all at the same time. also, a related note: musicians = master storytellers. {check out Daniel Blue here – he led part of our workshop and performed for us, and he’s insanely kind and so, so cool}
  2. bravery feels good. i shared my words with others, and they responded so kindly. i’ll never forget Nici’s hand squeezing my foot as i tearily shared a piece i’d written on motherhood, a raw and just-composed piece that honestly articulated my feelings about my life, my circumstances, my blessings and my fears. i’ll never forget the reassurance of nearly everyone in the room, as they validated my fears and then worked to wipe them away. it was a beautiful moment that i still feel undeserving of.
  3. so does telling people what their words do to you/for you. i met three authors/bloggers who have so touched me and have meaningfully shaped the way that i mother, and i felt (and continue to feel) indebted to them and like i can’t offer anything of value or substance to them as thanks or payback for what they’ve given me. i tried, though – i tried to tell these individuals just how their words have changed me. but, just in case – to Kelle, Claire and Nicithank you.
  4. this blogging thing is complicated, and i think that my relationship with it has changed. before attending write: doe bay, i so admired the writing, the words, and the following that Kelle, Claire and Nici amassed as they publish post after post. now, looking back on write: doe bay, i’ve learned that what started as a personal blog for Kelle became so much more of that after she published Nella’s birth story. in short, i learned that Kelle’s blog is, in essence, her brand, and that there are beauties and frustrations associated with that, and that these beauties and frustrations must be weighed in equal measure. in short, i learned that sometimes, some days, blogging as a business, as a job, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but that on other days, at other times - it can truly be exactly what it’s thought to be: a beautiful portrait of life at a given moment. and for me, while i used to think how cool it would be to have my blog go *viral* – i don’t want that to happen…like, at all. so, to keep blogging? i love the snippets of life that this blog shares, so my gut says yes…but forever? i couldn’t tell you. complicated, huh?
  5. i’m no good at traveling alone. as someone who hates enclosed spaces and has always demanded the front seat when traveling by car so as to prevent needless vomiting, i had zero comforts on this trip without my husband’s hand to hold or my son’s giggles and demands distracting me. in short, i shouldn’t travel alone – i need someone with me to tell me that it’s going to be okay, that this motion sickness, too, shall pass. but, what’s really blowing my mind, even now, as i look back on almost a month away from this experience, is that my fellow travelers really did fill that void for me. they were so kind, so accommodating, so understanding. and their hugs didn’t hurt, either. so, to all of you doe bay’ers, from attendees to staff – thank you. thanks for taking this girl under your wing and giving her a good hug, a glass of water, a vomit bag, a never-ending supply of fruit to smell, and a wealth of advice.
  6. i really missed my kiddo. well, i missed my husband, too, but for this being the first time that i’ve been away from L for more than one night at a time, i really missed him. i missed his giggles and his cries and his cuddles and his incessant demands to “watch Elmo.” i missed the way his almost-two-year-old body folds so closely into mine when we snuggle. i missed his soft snores, his mile-a-minute words, his requests to read book after book after (annoying, repetitive, who-would-write-this) book. and when he tackled me in the airport, i nearly collapsed into tears as i held him in my arms and kissed his cheeks, his neck, his forehead. it will be quite some time before i leave this kid again, i know it – this time away changed me for sure.

to see pictures of the unbelievable event, click here; all pictures (including the ones above) are by the incomparable jesse michener.

have you ever done something – gone somewhere, said something, wished for something – that was so unlike you, but that changed you? do tell.

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adios, bed-sharing.

as you might recall, I became a big, vocal supporter of bed-sharing (or cosleeping) when L was just two months old {read more about that here}. it was so much easier for me, as a breastfeeding mama who believed (and i still do!) wholeheartedly in nursing on demand, to have L right in bed with me during the night. i woke more rested, as did L, and i grew more and more confident in my approach to mothering with each night of close snuggles and relaxed nursing. the closeness was intoxicating and beneficial for our bond as mother and son – i feel that in my bones.


while i enjoyed my endless snuggles with L each and every night, Jord certainly took the brunt of the difficulties of a family bed; while i was the recipient of endless snuggles and closeness with our boy, Jord was always the one who was kicked, shoved to the edge of the bed, and alienated from both his wife and his son during the night. in short, while Jord understood and supported the benefits of cosleeping while i was nursing on demand, he had (very valid) concerns and objections.

thus, Jord and i have always had an ongoing dialogue about the benefits and struggles of bed-sharing as L has grown over the past nearly two (!!) years. at times, we have even made various attempts to transition L to his crib, using various tactics like cry-it-out, waiting for him to fall asleep in my arms and then laying him in the crib, utilizing a bedtime routine religiously, rocking him to sleep, and more. while our attempts to transition L into his crib worked with moderate success each time, no matter the time or the approach, moving L out of our bed always ended in failure.


now that i have some distance from the last time we attempted a transition (it’s been since the holidays), i can look back without a lot of self-judgment and think: why did our plans to move L to his crib continuously fail? here’s my answer (albeit difficult to swallow): quite frankly, i was never quite ready to stop cosleeping, so at the earliest sign of struggle, i’d relent and bring L back into my arms at night.

until now, that is. L has officially been sleeping in “Lionel’s bed” since march 28 with resounding success.


so, what gives? why is the transition working now?

as L has grown bigger and longer over the past three months in particular, i have slowly grown more and more comfortable with the idea of L sleeping alone. he grew big enough to require his own pillow in our bed, which was a wake-up call for me; the crook of my elbow was no longer comfortable for him or for me. and, eventually, as he weaned from nursing and as he grew even more, he began to pull away a bit from his reliance on Mama to fall asleep. in turn, he developed an attachment to comfort items like his Sesame Street pillow, his green stuffed monkey named Gus, and his blanket.

while this was difficult for me at first, i began to understand his new-found attachment to items like Gus the monkey was just another sign of his independence, which had permeated every single part of his daily life and his daily activities since he took off walking – our boy has always been very independent. his trust in his own way of doing things was finally taking root in his sleeping habits, too. this made me feel proud, and helped me to feel, again, like we were doing something right with this whole family bed thing, because we waited until he was ready to transition out of our bed.


to put it more simply: i am convinced that waiting until L was ready to be on his own is what made me ready, too.

i feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to cosleep with L for so long, and to have a husband who, despite his extremely valid concerns for his own capacity for restful sleep, was consistently supportive of my need to be close to our child, both while nursing and after i started my “big-girl job.”

fast-forward to today: after just a short period of time, L’s transition has been quite painless. sure, we have had a few setbacks, particularly a spring storm that stirred up some loud and quite robust winds, but nothing can take away L’s pride in himself when he wakes up in the morning and says “Lionel’s bed!” as we pick him up out of his crib.


one last thing: would i do it all again? knowing all i do, would i cosleep with L, or a future child, again? in my heart, i know the answer is yes, because for me, the benefits far outweighed the struggles. Jord might have a different answer, however, so i anticipate more and more discussions, should we ever find ourselves in that situation again. :)

have you ever coslept or bed-shared with your children? do you think you will? why or why not? did you have a difficult transition from a family bed to a crib/bed?

pssst: earlier in march, our family watched our nephew, Jaxsen, who is four months older than L, for a few days. Jaxsen is a devoted crib sleeper and goes to bed without a fuss, so we’re wondering if watching Jaxsen go to bed “like a big boy” (which is how we phrased it) influenced L to make his own transition. do you think there’s any truth to this idea?

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While momma’s away, the boys will play

In reviewing these videos, I’ve figured out that I’m using my new phone wrong for video. I’m such a noob.

So after I got off work, I went to L’s daycare to participate in family literacy night. The tots picked a book based on a bunch of fish that eat each other until the last one burps them all back up. The song which was playing the whole night its now in my head. However, I don’t know the fish book name or the lyrics. Anyway lets see some videos!

Playing with jello…Fish were stuck in the jello…

We did some fishing…

We painted as well…

Prepping for breakfast this morning…

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{checking in} #simplify2014: #powersheets – march/april report.

{click here to catch up on my journey using Lara Casey’s #powersheets: part I, part II, part III}

well, guys, i sort of sucked at this whole #powersheets thing in march/april. life certainly got in the way, and not the icky stuff of life, but the fun stuff. i laughed more with L this month than i have since i started work. i took more time this round with my husband to be alone, to be “us,” in a long, long time. and i definitely got some home improvement projects done, namely our master bedroom, which is coming along so nicely!

#lovehard #simplify2014

as a reminder, here are my five main goals for the year, based on my motto for 2014, #lovehard:

  1. i will #lovehard on L this year. i will work together with Jord to raise L into a joyful, polite, kind, and loving child that respects others and delights in making others happy.
  2. i will #lovehard on myself this year. i will take (and make) time to paint my toes, shower and style my hair, and do other acts of self-care. i will also invest in “me time” by prioritizing my writing this year, especially by attending Write: Doe Bay in April.
  3. i will #lovehard on my marriage in 2014. i will work hard to find fulfilling and new ways to show Jord my authentic love for him. i will work together with Jord to prioritize and budget for date nights and alone time with Jord.
  4. i will #lovehard on my family, friends and colleagues this year. i will give thanks for them and forgive their mistakes, their shortcomings and their judgments. i will show them God’s love and forgiveness through me and my actions.
  5. lastly, i will #lovehard on my relationship with God this year. i will strive to feel closer to and to foster a deeper relationship with God, as well as develop a deeper appreciation for the God who is masterful, who is loving, and who saves.

and here are the mini-goals (goals that support these larger goals above) that i took on for march/april:

  • repaint or refinish L’s big boy bed. we’re lucky enough to have inherited a twin-sized wooden bed from my mother’s childhood to use for L’s very first big boy bed. the wooden bed has been stained a medium brown color, and i’d like to investigate PolyShades (a product that John and Sherry of YHL recently used on their kitchen cabinets) to darken the stain up a bit.
  • have girl time with my best friend, Robin. i really want to steal away for an afternoon or evening and have some fun with my girl!
  • take four date nights with Jord. admittedly, this one is going to be my most difficult goal of this five weeks – not because i don’t want to spend time with Jord, but because home girl loves her weekends at home, not out and about! i am committed to trying my best, however, so that we can have some alone time and invest in our marriage.
  • work on forgiveness this month with one person in my life. this is sort of a personal goal or journey for me, so i won’t be sharing too much about it, but i am working hard this year to let go of long-held grudges and any residual anger or frustration over the mistakes of others, and i will be taking time this month to work on forgiveness and letting go.
  • finally, i want to again go to church at least twice this round, and i want to read the devotional book that i found last month, Richard Swenson’s Margin.

so, how’d i do?

  • repaint or refinish L’s big boy bed. nope, didn’t do this.
  • have girl time with my best friend, Robin. yup, did this – and we also had some girl time last night as well! we attended a production of Beauty & The Beast at a local theater :)
  • take four dates night with Jord. we took three!
  • work on forgiveness this month with one person in my life. i actually did quite well with this one – i said all that i needed to say, and i’ve been feeling much more positive and less burdened and bogged down, which is the best part!
  • go to church at least twice. we went once!
  • read Richard Swenson’s Margin, a devotional book. nope, i totally didn’t get this done. but i do have a plane ride ahead of me this week, as i head to Write: Doe Bay, so here’s to hoping that i can finish it up!

i’ll be back next week to share my goals for april/may!

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warby parker’s new collection.

as some of you may recall, i purchased a pair of frames from Warby Parker awhile ago, as seen in this photo from our family photo session with Larissa Lynn Photography (my sister-in-law’s business!):


since then, i’ve been LOVING my frames – they are super cute {i love the vintage look}, and they are extremely durable, which, needless to say, is super important when little L is toddling about.

so today, i’m pleased to tell you about Warby Parker’s newest frames that are available for purchase, as a result of a collaboration with an awesome organization, Architecture for Humanity.

AFH + Warby Parker

here’s the gist of what A for H tries to do for communities: “For over 15 years, Architecture for Humanity has improved the livelihood of individuals and communities around the world through a global network of professionals who provide quality design and management services where these resources may otherwise be overlooked or out of reach.” in other words, Architecture for Humanity is doing important work for individuals and communities globally by providing resources to those in need. {to read more about A for H, click here!}

what’s really cool is that Warby Parker, who already donates a pair of glasses to a person in need with each Warby Parker frames purchase, is partnering with Architecture for Humanity on this collection, which means this: not only are your cool new Warby Parker frames providing a pair of glasses to someone out there who really needs them, but a portion of the proceeds also goes toward A for H’s great, important work worldwide, which is really important to us here at Our Family Roost. we love to make purchases that pay it forward in some way, and this is one way to do it that also benefits you, by giving you a gorgeous, streamlined, visually appealing set of frames to rock around town.

Warby Parker’s new two-some of frames include the Aslin and the Fowler, which retail for $145 – a steal!

first up: the Aslin, which comes in English Oak and Oak Barrel finishes for both men and women:




next up is the Fowler in Jet Silver finish, a killer vintage sunglasses look {also for both men and women} that i’d love to get my hands on:


to purchase these frames, or to peruse their other chic (and cost-effective!) options, click over to Warby Parker’s eyeglasses and sunglasses page.

{this post was written and published at Warby Parker’s request; i was not compensated for this post in any way. all opinions are my own.}

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