hi! we’re jord, sara, L and Q. welcome to our family roost, where we chronicle life as it happens {and as we remember to blog it!}.

a little about us…

jord and sara have been married for six years. we are overjoyed to share our lives with our four-year-old son, Lionel, and our almost-two-year-old son, Quincy.

while we often write about our children and what it’s like being their parents {in short – a blessing, even in the midst of sticky-jelly-coated hands, when-will-we-ever-sleep-again nights and stubborn “I do it” refusals of our help}, we also moved into our first home in the summer of 2013. so, as we work to make our house our own, we use this space to track sara’s many changes of mind and jord’s endless desire for a space that’s all his own.

our days are full of trying to channel L’s precocious energy – he loves any and all books about cars + trucks, counting {usually to 27 or so}, crashing toy cars together, and watching the “hi-pad.” we’re also embarrassingly fascinated with watching our youngest, Q, bang on anything and everything, play his toy xylophone and pause for clapping and cheering, and hear him say “No, Bob” over and over.

new here? welcome! to catch you up, here are a few of our favorite posts:

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