weekend edition.


i’m jumping in.

i may be a bit delirious, given that i’ve been awake since the wee hours of the morning – the darkness of the middle of the night matches the dark circles under my eyes right now – but it’s Friday, i just finished grading more than 70 (yes, SEVENTY) student essays, and though i have a sick babe at home snuggled in my hubby’s arms, i am ready for this weekend.

for the first weekend in a while, i’m leaving my teacher self at school and jumping in to my mama self, my wife self, my me self.

a few things i’m digging, and a few things i’m hoping to get accomplished this weekend:

  • Quincy and i had the pleasure of meeting the ladies of Joseph at Write: Doe Bay last year, and i’m loving their new album. must-listen: “White Flag.”
  • Spotify is rocking my world – the Premium version is 100 percent worth paying for. must-listen: Acoustic Covers playlist.
  • chilly temperatures mean scarves, plaid, boots, and gold jewelry. two of my newest fall-inspired purchases: this scarf and this necklace from Madewell (i’m OBSESSED and wish i didn’t have to drive all the way to the Twin Cities to try on – ahem, and buy – all of the things.)
  • on deck this weekend: get my babe well by indulging in many, many “nuggles” (snuggles); do a round of Powersheets for October…a week late; cheer on my biggest as he puts a cap on his very first soccer season; soak up girl time with my Mom and my brother’s girl; and hopefully, maybe, actually beat my husband – for the first time – at this board game that we’re loving.



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Sara works in higher education, but she's most proud of her role as a Mama to two precocious boys, Lionel Conner, age 4, and Quincy August, age 2. In honor of turning 30 in 2016, she pierced her nose to "keep her young." She loves watching guilty-pleasure television, writing about motherhood, decorating her first home, sipping red wine with her husband Jordan, and chasing after her sons.
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