Adirondack Chairs

So, there’s these chairs. My wife will forever give me grief for my inability to remember how to pronounce the name of them, but I finally got it. Ad-i-ron-dack. These chairs are so fun and so easy that I just cannot wait to make them on my own. When thinking about outdoor chairs, what are a few features that you rather enjoy?

I’ll guess comfort and cleanliness. A lot of outdoor chairs offer those features, but the Adirondack chairs offer something else special: flat armrests that make good spots for beer, soda, water, food, babies, playing cards, books, and another place to sit. Maybe it doesn’t do all of those things, but what’s cool about these chairs is that they seem rather simple to build. If you Google “DIY Adirondack chair” you’l find dozens of results of different elaborate plans.

My plan, however, will come (photo credits to this website as well). The plan is simple, elegant and fun. Sara and I have discussed it already, and depending on how many we build, we’ll paint them fun colors and have great chairs to set in our lawn/deck/garage…depending on the season. I will make one modification to the plans, which is to make the arm rests wider and a bit more shaped to give the chair a bit more flair and also more space to set down everything you could want to set down and more.

Depending on what kind of wood we use and other various materials we need, each chair will run us about $20-$35, which in my opinion is a steal on outdoor chairs, even if you’re buying them brand new. Also, by building them ourselves, we can customize the building plan (as previously discussed) and even change direction if we decide something isn’t quite fitting right. It’s going to be a great process that should be a fulfilling  experience.

The only concerns I have going forward with these chairs is winter storage and weight. It’s possible that these chairs will need serious consideration, especially when we determine how many we want/need. But the concerns are rather minor, as we can find a way around those possible issues if forced into a bind. We have lots of storage space in our garage, especially, so we might as well use it to store things that we build ourselves!

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