{big reveal} our boys’ reading nook.


ages ago, i mentioned our plans to set aside space in our lower level for our boys to play, play, play {which is our motto for this summer; every day, when i ask L what he wants to do with our day, he responds excitedly, “play, play, PLAY!” – and yes, it’s as adorable as it sounds}.

in that post of yore, i had this to say about our intentions for the space:

after living with the space since we purchased our home in august 2013, one of the big priorities on this level of our home became creating a dedicated space in which the boys can just be boys and play their hearts out. namely, we needed this space to house a few big toy items [including Q’s jumperoo and L’s new workbench – a third birthday gift!] . . . a few sports-related toys . . . and the Thomas the Train table that the boys’ uncle so generously gifted the boys for Christmas. we also have a car rug that L likes to vroom his cars on and a few other miscellaneous items that we needed more space to house that our upstairs living room allows. so, the idea of a playroom area was born.

but, since L is such a voracious reader {like his English-teacher Mama}, we knew that we also needed a space where we could cuddle up as a family and read a book {L’s current favorites are Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and a Mickey Mouse “i-spy” type of book}. and after seeing many an adorable kids’ reading nook on Pinterest, including this one, which is from Lay Baby Lay, i was convinced: our playroom needed a reading nook, too.

i then shared this mood board with you:


well, it’s been a long time coming, but after living with the space for a few months and making many, MANY adjustments to accommodate the boys’ needs, desires + whims {and, of course, this Mama’s hopes for the space as well}, i’m super excited to share the reading nook space with you! and again, as i mentioned in my first post on the reading nook, we owe big thanks to Tiny Prints for the customized pillows that you see below. this is our second project with Tiny Printsclick here to see our boys’ shared bedroom reveal!

check it out – here’s our boys’ reading nook:







a few details:

– the book that’s on display and open on the ledge above the bench is a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit. using a cookbook holder that we received as a wedding gift {yay for retooling an item’s intended use!}, it’s open to the page from which, if you recall, one of our wedding readings was taken. i love this sweet detail! {p.s. in just a few weeks, Jord and i will be celebrating FIVE YEARS married – whew, time!}

– i quickly customized this white kids’ bench from my Mom {which, if you recall, was originally part of a kids’ store installation but was no longer needed} with some rope detailing on the legs to give it a bit of a rustic touch. hot glue worked like a charm, and 30 minutes later, the bench was ready for its close-up!


– i plan to use the fun patterned clipboards {which i found in the $1 Spot at Target a long time ago and secured to the wall using 3M strips} for reading lists, notes to our boys, artwork and more. the options are endless!

– the pillows on the bench are all from Tiny Prints, and we LOVE them! they add such a great punch of color to the space, and they are cushy enough to take off of the bench and lean against the wall when Mama and Daddy join the boys for snuggles and family books in the reading nook. i customized these three pillows for this space: Sit and Stay, Let’s Snuggle, and Vibrant Diamond.


– i’m still weighing out my feelings on the “house” paint treatment on the wall {as seen here and in the mood board above}…on one hand, it’s just so whimsical and playful and makes me imagine my boys reading beneath the “eaves” of the little play “house” and thinking that pretending to do so is buckets of fun…but on the other side, if i know myself, my mind changes in an instant and i worry that i’ll outgrow the “house” design far, far before the boys do. but then again, it’s only paint, and the “house” would add a great layer to the design of the reading nook…but what color to choose for the “house” paint? alas, you can see my indecision!

up next in this half of our family room = actually making decisions on an area rug and the “house” paint treatment, as well as printing and framing some engineer photo prints of the boys {inspired by these from Chris Loves Julia} for the wall above the television-stand-turned-changing-table, which is placed adjacent to the reading nook and is pictured in the mood board above. as soon as those items are checked off the ol’ to-do list, i think we’ll FINALLY be ready to show you the full playroom + reading nook space!

also, stay tuned: we’re nearing the finish line on the other side of the family room, where the sectional is located, and i can’t wait to show you all of our hard work! we’ve been making oodles of progress in the past few months, and the family room is finally feeling more like “us.” in the meantime, here’s a hint…three cheers for FINALLY hanging ART on the walls!

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