capsule wardrobe {what i’m trying out this summer}.


if my closet could talk, it would probably say this: why are you keeping all of this clothing jammed in here, when you only actually wear one-quarter of what’s inside of me? also, i need better lighting in here – how can you even see anything?

would your closet utter something similar? if so, read on to find out how i’m taking back my closet…

* *

enter: the capsule wardrobe.

what’s a capsule wardrobe? so glad you asked! i long ago came across posts from Caroline of UnFancy on her capsule wardrobe, and i was FASCINATED by the idea of culling my clothing down to 37 pieces {not counting workout clothes – HA, i don’t own those – jewelry, accessories, underthings, swimsuits, jammies or loungewear}.

so, a capsule wardrobe involves cleaning out your closet + dresser + then eliminating {and STORING – this is important!} what’s not in your 37-piece capsule wardrobe. you then wear ONLY these 37 pieces {including tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets or outerwear and shoes} for a season {i.e. three months or winter/spring/summer/fall}. here’s a really helpful post from UnFancy on building a capsule wardrobe.

another key piece is this: you don’t go shopping for clothes during a capsule season. not. at. all! this will be SO difficult for me {Target, how i’ll miss thee}, but that’s all the more reason why i know that i need to do this.

why 37 items? Caroline of UnFancy suggested this number as a result of her own trial-and-error efforts in her capsule wardrobe project. i’m following her lead on this one.

this is crazy. why would anyone do this? isn’t the point of fashion to try out new trends and amass a hearty and robust wardrobe full of much-loved items? sure, that’s a great goal. but for me, i’m a busy wife, Mama, educator, blogger, writer and Netflix-watcher, and i don’t want to waste any more time staring into the dark recesses of my closet, waiting for some long-forgotten clothing item to jump out and announce itself as that day’s fashion item of choice.

as regular readers know, i’m also on a simplifying kick, so the capsule wardrobe is part of my desire to minimize extras and focus on what matters. i also don’t want to spend time or money collecting items that will eventually just take up space in my closet. instead, i’d rather save my time – and my pennies – to purchase well-made clothing items that i actually LOVE and WANT to wear.

why are you starting a capsule wardrobe in the summer? it makes the most sense for me, as an educator who has the summer off {yay!}, to launch my capsule wardrobe project when i’m not having to dress up and ready myself for work each day. in short, starting this wardrobe revolution in the summer will be a much easier time to experiment with such a radical reduction of my wardrobe, since instead of wrangling students and correcting grammatical errors, i’ll be spending my summer days blowing bubbles and playing in the pool with my littles. i’m hopeful that this summer will motivate me to tackle what it means to have a capsule wardrobe as a full-time working Mama when school ramps up again this fall.

how long is your summer capsule? May 15 – August 10. i’ll be starting up my summer capsule {i.e. putting away + storing all clothes that are NOT in my capsule} after my last day of work for the school year, which is May 15. i don’t go back to school until August 10, so that’s when i’ll launch my fall capsule.

can you shop between seasons? YES, thank goodness. Caroline suggests planning and shopping for the upcoming capsule during the last weeks of the previous capsule season. so, in other words, i’ll be shopping for my fall capsule {colored skinny jeans, i’m coming for you!} in the final few weeks of my summer vacation.

what’s in your summer capsule? i’ll be back next week to share the 37 items that are in my summer capsule, so stay tuned!

how do i follow along with your capsule wardrobe? check back here next week, as i reveal what’s in my summer capsule. i’ll also be sharing the highs and lows of this experience on Instagram this summer, so be sure to follow me there. and, if you’re interesting in following others who are trying out a capsule wardrobe, add Caroline of UnFancy and Carli of Raising Mayhem to your list of blogs to read!

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