Christmas 2013: Baby L’s Gifts.


Christmas this year was even more of a blast with baby L around. while he certainly enjoyed himself last year at Christmas (when he was six months old), he was even more interested in tearing the wrapping paper and playing with his new toys this time around, at 18 months.

continuing with our tradition of gifting L presents in four categories, below is what we (and Santa!) gave L this year:


WANT category: Learning Carpets – Ride the Train Rug, $48.00

we gifted L a play carpet for his cars, trains and boats. we searched and searched for a play carpet that would allow him to play with cars, trains AND boats – the kid is obsessed with any mode of transportation! – and we finally tracked this one down on Amazon.

so far, it’s a BIG hit with little L – he loves saying “vroom” and “choo choo!” as he runs his little toys along the rug’s many driving surfaces.


NEED category: Baby Bjorn Potty Chair, $27.99 + Ore Originals Peek a Boo Comb and Brush Set, $17

L may only be 18 months old, but we feel strongly that he is showing signs of readiness for potty training. he’s very interested in following us into the bathroom. we’ve also noticed in the past two months that when he “wets” his diapers, he often wets all at once, which causes (frustrating!) diaper leaks. however, i’ve read that this is a good sign of readiness for potty-training, so we decided to get L a potty for Christmas.

L has also been a huge fan of my comb and brush, so we were delighted to find him his own, toddler-sized wooden set for such a great price!


READ: Little Dinos Books on Manners and “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” (we ordered via Scholastic as a book order, which benefits L’s daycare!)

L is still a big fan of reading books, so we got him a few books for Christmas that we heard great things about! the Little Dino’s books haven’t been the biggest hit with L, but since he can sometimes be found hitting or biting his friends at daycare, it was important to us to introduce books on being kind and developing manners.


when we first read “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus,” L was a bit scared of the pigeon and his freak-out that happens mid-book; the page was colored a big dark and the pigeon looked angry, which made L cry! we soon began skipping that page, and L is all the happier. he LOVES telling the pigeon “no!”

WEAR: Santa brought Lionel new “sockies,” as he calls them – our boy has SO many clothes but was running out of socks, so we were grateful to Old Saint Nick for knowing that!

so far, the verdict on L’s Christmas gifts is all positive, with his car mat being the highlight for him. he loves to play by himself with his cars, trucks, trains and boats while I get ready for work each morning, and it’s never unusual to hear him shout “vroom!” or “choo choo!” as he plays.


what did Santa bring for your kiddos? any gift ideas or suggestions for L’s second birthday, which is coming up in June?

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