about us.

hi! we’re Jord, Sara, L and Q. welcome to our family roost, where we chronicle life as it happens
{and as we remember to blog it!}.

a little about us…

Jord and Sara have been married for almost eight years.

we are overjoyed to share our lives with our five-and-a-half-year-old son, Lionel, and our three-year-old son, Quincy.

we often write about our children and what it’s like being their parents {in short – a blessing, even in the midst of sticky-jelly-coated hands, claims that something is “boring,” and stubborn “I do it” refusals of our help}. our days are full of trying to channel L’s constant questions about the world, cleaning up hockey, football, baseball and basketball gear, and looking for sight words. we’re also embarrassingly fascinated with watching our youngest, Q, ask to spell words, lay on top of our dog, Nellie, and try to do anything and everything his brother does.

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