Extra-Life: A Special Event

For the third year in a row, I will be participating in Extra-Life. Extra-Life is a annual event that raises money for local Children’s Miracle Network chapters across North America. The event caught my eye four years ago when one of my close friends asked for donations. I participated in the event myself the following year.

Extra-Life Donation Page

Extra-Life is an event created by guys who loves to play games. The creators had someone close to them who loved games and who also needed help from Children’s Miracle Network (CMN). In the end, CMN touched their hearts in a way that inspired them to start this annual campaign that has now earned millions of dollars.

For me, Extra-Life started as an event that allowed me to really take down two birds with one stone: I was able to serve my community while doing something that I love: play video games for an entire day. That was pretty true for the first year that I participated, and I think that’s an okay motivating factor. For Extra-Life last year, I invited a few local friends to take part in the event: Brad, Cyle, Josh and Ben. We had a ton of fun, and we did pretty well in raising funds for CMN. But for me, something about Extra-Life last year was clearly different.

Last year, Extra-Life came when baby L was just a few months old. In that short time, becoming a father was eye-opening for me; my participation in the event wasn’t simply motivated by my love for video games. Participating in Extra-Life last year helped me to realize just how blessed my wife and I are to have such a healthy and happy child. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and organizations like CMN make a difference for families who have to deal with some of the hardships that life can deliver to children.

Extra-Life Donation Page

This year, I am gearing up for Extra-Life differently. Life has been busy, time is flying by, and many changes have occurred. But, as this Saturday’s Extra-Life event creeps up, I can’t really contain my excitement. This year, my friend Brad and I are teaming up again, and we’re getting more proactive in asking for donations. We’re jamming the message down the throats of friend and family, because supporting the work of CMN is THAT IMPORTANT.

This year, we’re holding a 25-hour video game marathon. Whether you can support us by donating a small sum of money, or pledging your financial support for us on an hourly basis, it doesn’t matter. What is important that we need your help to make a bigger difference. As of right now, we’re already past our 2013 goal of $500 raised, which is double our fundraising amount from 2012, and double from 2011.

In this last week, I want to double our goal. Let’s break four digits and help all the local kids here at Sanford’s Children’s Hospital in Sioux Falls!

This year’s event is going to be the best one yet, and I’m already laying down plans for a bigger event in 2014. Extra-Life is special to me, it is important to me, and I appreciate all of your financial gifts and cheers of support thus far. For those who have given, thank you! For those who are on the fence, please consider donating.

Donate by Credit/Debit Card: Extra-Life Donation Page
Donate by Cash/Check: Contact Jordan!

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