Here Come the Gillis’s!


We did it! We’re homeowners!

As you stroll up to our humble house and walk to the front door, you’ll be facing this door! Our door! Sara took before pictures of our house before we left any evidence of our stamp on the place, and over the next week or so, we’ll be going through each room of the house to bring you various photos, ideas, and plans we have for each place. Projects have already started, which will get highlighted as well in due time. We’ve now been in the house for exactly one week, and there is so much to share!

To start, here’s some quick hits from Sara and I to wet your appetite:

Three things I loved about the house before moving in and still do:

Jord: The space! The yard! The wide open kitchen!

Sara: The tray ceiling in the master bedroom! The large common areas! The finishes throughout the house!

Three things I love about the house that I was surprised by:

Jord: The feeling of ownership! The garage! The neighbors!

Sara: Painting walls without having to ask someone for permission! The garage! The layout of the yard!

Three things I most look forward to changing:

Jord: Setting up the garage for projects! Contouring the basement! Finishing the laundry room!

Sara: Finishing the laundry room! Painting the chalkboard wall in the kitchen! Accenting the master bedroom’s tray ceiling with paint!

Lots of fun stuff to do, lots of fun things to describe – get ready to share our adventure with us!

About Jord

jord considers himself nerdy, mostly because he's a devoted gamer and freelance web designer. he works in computer technology and information services, but he'd be most proud to tell you that he recently built himself a computer, loves audio books, trying new beer and wine, grilling, and is so excited to have added "homeowner" to his list of titles.
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