home tour.

this house had us at “hello,” as cheesy as it sounds. from the dark wood trim and six-panel, solid wood doors to the spacious garage and the expansive lower level, we were excited to think of this house as our home. and soon enough, after finding this house after many a home hunt, and after a longer-than-typical closing (Sara accepting a new job put our process on hold for a bit), we finally held the keys in our excited hands and screamed, “she’s ours!”

the front

here’s what our home looked like the first time we saw it from the street:


after painting the front door (inside and out!), here’s what we’re so happy to drive up to each day:


the garage

one of the things that we never knew that we wanted (but wouldn’t give away now!) was an expansive garage. we’re also big fans of the epoxy flooring in the garage!

here’s a shot of the exterior; it’s a three-car garage.


the entry way

when we moved in, we hung some artwork (from Target and a DIY art piece from our first apartment as a married couple) and wall hooks (from IKEA), threw down an area rug (from Target) and installed new door locks. for a while, the space looked like this:


then, we updated the paint color on the interior and exterior of the doors; the door on the left side of this picture leads to the garage, and the door in the middle of the photo is our main front door.

here’s what our entry way looks like now:



our plans for this space include touching up and/or repainting the doors (note to self: sanding before painting is GOOD!), replacing the light fixture with a fun chandelier, adding a fun graphic wallpaper or stencil treatment on the walls, and eventually replacing all of the flooring with wood-look tile.

the stairs

our home features a split-foyer layout with carpeted stairs that lead to the main level. another set of carpeted stairs leads to the lower level.

we’d love to eventually replace the carpet on the stairs with a more durable stair runner (with wood flooring underneath!), but for now, the carpet is cushy and kid-friendly for L and Q, who climb up and down the stairs seven hundred times per day.



the upstairs living room

we neglected to grab a photo of the space before moving in our things (bad bloggers!), but for our first two years in our home, our space featured a large Expedit (from IKEA) and grey furniture from our local furniture mart:



but after a fun DIY faux fireplace project that Sara took on with her brother’s help, here’s what our space looks like now:





while this space is certainly comfortable and operates wonderfully for our needs, we still have a few projects that we’d like to tackle. our short-term goals for this space include adding some colorful curtains and repainting the walls to add a little more color to the upstairs level. down the line, we’d love to ditch the carpet in favor of wood-look tile, purchase a colorful but easy-to-maintain area rug, and investigate the possibility of moving the washer and dryer upstairs…somewhere.

the kitchen

our kitchen was a rather blank (though beautiful) space when we first moved in:



while the kitchen portion of this room looks the same as it did on move-in day, we added some charm to the eat-in area. after painting a fun chalkboard wall, adding some visual interest with open picture frames, and DIYing a farmhouse table, our kitchen has much more personality now:




since adding two yellow kitchen chairs and two yellow bar stools, our kitchen now has a bigger dose of happy, but eventually, we’d like to add wood-look tile in this space (like the rest of the upper level), paint or reface the cabinets in bright white, and add a floor-to-ceiling cabinet to serve as a pantry space, among other ideas that change, well, every day that Sara finds a new idea on Pinterest.

the hallway

the hallway upstairs, which is located off of the open kitchen-living space, leads to the main bathroom, Q’s bedroom, and the master bedroom. we’ve created a small-scale gallery wall at the end of this hallway that we find ourselves continuously adding to. we imagine the gallery wall stretching floor to ceiling (with kid-safe and secure gallery goodness at the bottom of the wall, of course!). Sara would also love to paint horizontal stripes in this hallway to add a bit more visual interest to this architecturally blank space.


the main bathroom

here’s what the upstairs bathroom looked like on move-in day:



since August 2013, when we moved in, we replaced the builder-grade mirror with a heavy black scroll mirror, which we hung horizontally:


since these pictures were taken, Sara’s been hard at work updating this space, and it’s nearly complete!


what’s still on Sara’s wish list for this bathroom is a soaker tub and, down the line, a new vanity that takes up less space.

the master bedroom

our master bedroom, which features a tray ceiling and double closets, is a bit small for our liking, but since the living space in our home is quite large, we don’t mind too much. the space has changed a lot since move-in day, mostly due to painting the walls, so check out the vibrant punch of color on the walls below.

here’s what this space looked like on move-in day:




after adding Martha Stewart’s Gabardine to the walls, the room was looking a lot more moody with a big punch of color:



we eventually acquired a stellar yellow vintage dresser, sold our bedroom furniture to Sara’s brother, DIYed a bed and created a (temporary) baby haven for sweet Q in our space.



but, since Q’s newborn days are just a sweet, sweet memory, we’ve reorganized our space and are aiming for a Mama and Daddy hideaway.


the second bedroom {Q’s room}

when we first moved in, the second bedroom (located upstairs across from the master bedroom) was dark and sponge-painted:



after tackling the paint on the walls (we painted the walls in Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue) and adding decor – along with adding a fun gradient paint treatment to his dresser – our oldest son L’s room was the most complete and “done” room in our entire home:




of course, L’s room wasn’t “done” for long – when we welcomed sweet Q to our family in November 2014, we redecorated this space to accommodate both L and his little brother {the photos of the boys’ bedroom below are all by Creative Kindling}:





however, this shared bedroom was short-lived, and we quickly realized the need for each of our sons to have their own space to call their own.


the lower level

when we moved in, the lower level of our home was painted a bit dark for our taste, but we love that it’s a finished basement; we also love the open expanse of the space and the flexibility that it offers us if, down the road, we need to add another bedroom to our home.


after adding a comfortable sectional and a few odds and ends, our lower level looked like this for a while:



after a few solid days of priming and painting in the winter of 2015, the room is looking a lot different:



now that the biggest project – painting – is done, we’d like to purchase or DIY a credenza on top of which to place the television, to replace the Expedit from IKEA that currently houses the television. we’re still in the process of adding decor items around the room – it’s a big space to fill!

the downstairs bathroom

the downstairs bathroom features a stand-up shower and an architectural archway above it, just like the upstairs bathroom. the arch (and the grey walls!) are Sara’s favorite features in this bathroom.



for now, we’ve brought in a mint and white chevron rug (from Nate Berkus’s line at Target). other than this tiny addition, though, this room is definitely in need of some love down the line. we’d eventually like to replace the shower doors (short-term) and eventually remove the stock stand-up shower in favor of a tiled, walk-in shower (long-term). in addition, all of the hardware and fixtures in the room are oil-rubbed bronze, with the exception of the faucet, so Sara would like to replace that eventually as well.

L’s bedroom

on move-in day, we called this third bedroom space the guest bedroom. the room features double doors that conceal one large closet space:



in the spring of 2016, however, this space became something much more special to our oldest son, L: this space is now L’s “big-boy” room.


the laundry room

the laundry room is yet another space that we have grand ideas for, but have yet to really make our own. here’s our unfinished laundry/utility space:


in an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to do anything to make this space work better for our family, because we’d find a way (and the pennies!) to move the laundry upstairs to the main floor. but, if we do in fact need to make this space work long-term, we’d love to hang drywall and maximize the function of this small laundry room by adding a folding counter on top of the washer and dryer, as well as adding open shelving to hold laundry essentials, like detergent, dryer sheets and the like. Sara would also love to close up the ceiling with drop tiles (that aren’t ugly!) and paint the concrete floor as well.

the back of the house + outdoors

because our home sits rather awkwardly on our lot (our home is positioned at a bend/curve in the street), our backyard is rather small and oddly shaped.

here’s what we saw on move-in day when looking at the back of our home; the door (pictured below) leads into the garage. the window on the top floor is the master bedroom, and the window pictured below is the guest bedroom.



the exterior of our home features a ground-level concrete patio surface, which the previous owners utilized for a dog kennel, but which we utilize for relaxation and play. last summer, we rippped out the Dogwood bushes surrounding the patio to provide better sight lines of our playing kiddos.


we picture adding two Adirondack chairs and a weather-brave occasional/coffee table allowing for some Mama and Daddy relaxation while our kiddos play; perhaps we’ll bring in our Little Tikes basketball hoop, our slide and a sandbox. we hope to tackle raised garden beds, too! if we’re dreaming big, we’d eventually love to add a pergola to add ambiance and architectural interest to this space.

here’s a glimpse of the back deck, which is positioned off of the kitchen and is quite massive.




since move-in day, we’ve had a few family gatherings at our home, but with no real seating on the deck, we haven’t made much use of this stellar space. so, in order to get a better feel for how we can use the space that we have in terms of entertaining, Sara’s parents are allowing us to borrow their square, glass-top outdoor table and four chairs this summer. we can’t wait to see what this space turns into, once we add seating – and a new grill for Jord!

thanks for checking out our home – we hope you’ll continue poking around our blog! click here to read about our DIY vintage-inspired wedding, or click here to read about Sara, Jordan, L and Q.

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