House Shopping – House #4

After two disappointing showings and one house that left us smitten, we drove off to our next stop. This next house was lower than House #3 in price, but offered many of the same features as House #3.


House #4 Stats

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Square Feet: 1,524

Year Built: 2006

This home also featured a split-level layout. The communal space was ideal in proportion to the bedroom space, which we liked immediately. The flooring throughout the home was gorgeous – hardwoods, tile, and soft, plush carpet. The finishes in the kitchen were our taste, and we liked that the yard could easily be fenced-in.

However, throughout the home, there were several signs of the sellers’ large dog getting the best of the house – we noticed holes and scratches in baseboards and wood trim, as well as on the front of the refrigerator, some of the sinks, and elsewhere. This dog had free reign to punish this house, and he did.

While we knew that these were fixes that we were capable of making, the house also had one more complicating issue: the master bedroom was located downstairs in this home, which presented an issue to our young family with plans to grow. In short, while we could have moved the master bedroom to one of the two bedrooms upstairs, we would be attempting to make a master bedroom out of a bedroom that was obviously sized for a child.

Despite the negatives, House #4 remained on the list because the price was good and the home had many features that we loved. But, we had one more home to see with our agent that day, so we moved along.

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