House Shopping – House #6

After two disappointing stops, two exciting showings, and one that left us speechless – in a bad way, we were off to our final showing of the day. This house was quite a bit bigger and more expensive than the others, but we felt that seeing it was necessary for us in order to deduce what we’d potentially be missing out on by limiting our budget.

House #6

House-#6-RenderingBedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 3

Square Feet: 1,658

Year Built: 2006

Despite the fact that when walking up to this house, I saw a few signs that signaled to me to just turn around and end the day right there (read: chipping paint, structural problems, and more), we walked in anyway.

This house was four seconds away from an episode of Hoarders. We had to witness several variations of underwear laying around, pizza crusts, orange peels, strawberry tops…you name it, the garbage was out. This was incredibly unfortunate, as I’m sure you can imagine. We were challenged to merely plow through the mess in an attempt to see the bones of the home.

After about fifteen minutes of trying to find something positive, the only thing I could really come up with is that we didn’t have to buy this house. There were many signs of cut corners and improper house care all over the place (nice finishes, but a poor interior paint job; nice square footage, but odd layout). To top it all off, this home was well above our self-imposed budget.

This was a lot to take in over a short amount of time. We said good bye to Maggie for the day, and we set a tentative date to see more houses the next weekend.

On the way home, the debate was between houses three and four. That first night, I preferred House #4 because it was cheaper, and because I felt like it needed a tiny bit of fixing up and offered the greatest potential to make the home our own with a few creative touches. While Sara wanted those things out of a home, too, she liked how House #3 set us up. We wrote down and discussed the things we liked about each home, and we went to sleep on it.

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