House Shopping – Houses #7 and #8

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The next weekend we made it back to town, with another slate of houses to look at. This time my brother and father were along for the ride as they’re both semi-professional contractors who are likely to get the call to lead Sara and I on larger projects.

Before we even set out on our second trip, house number four got an accepted offer and was off the market. So house number three was our clear and lone favorite.

But we had all day and more houses to see, so off we were.


House #7 Stats

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Square Feet: 1,681

Year Built: 2006

House #7 was another wreck before it started. The house was rather unclean, featured a yard that was closer to a desert obstacle course (read: lots of landscaping and hardscaping), and felt comparatively older than any of the other homes we had looked at prior to crossing this home’s threshold. While the layout and bedroom space was better than we expected, the home felt dated and would require an immense amount of work to eradicate the “grandma” feel out of it.

Moving along.


House #8 Stats

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 2

Square Feet: 1,900

Year Built: 2005

House #8 was attractive from the outside, but problematic on the inside. The kitchen was the smallest that we had encountered thus far, and was completely closed off from the living space on the main floor. And while we appreciated the gorgeous, gorgeous finishes in the basement (a gas fireplace, plush carpeting and dark woodwork), we weren’t impressed with the upper level’s layout, the large playset and sand trap in the backyard, and a few exterior structural concerns.

We later discovered that House #8’s beautiful basement was damaged by local flooding after a torrential rainstorm, and we were extremely bummed for the owners, because the basement was certainly the showpiece of the home.

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