march #powersheets update {spoiler: FAIL}.


so, it’s been a good long while since i’ve touched base with y’all about my goal-setting efforts via Lara Casey‘s #powersheets {snag a set for yourself here!}. i wish that my lack of updates on what i’ve been aiming to accomplish means much progress was made, but alas, that’s sadly not the case…

here’s what i hoped to accomplish in March, and what i didn’t quite do {spoiler alert: a LOT of my list…}:

try not to drink pop for one month. NOPE. in an effort to jumpstart my body and help me to lose the lingering 2-3 pounds of baby weight that i had left, i set out to eliminate pop {namely my one obsession, ORANGE SODA} from my diet. yet, when my grandmother took a fall in early March, i reached for my orange-flavored crutch to help me cope with the time that she spent in the hospital following her elbow surgery. thankfully, my dear grandma rebounded quite quickly, but my orange soda addiction is still rearing its {ugly…but delicious} head.

#socialmediafreeweekends. CHECK. this has been the one area in which i’ve had success this month, and the solitary goal that i want to keep up for many weeks and months to come. in the spirit of Lara Casey and others, including Nancy Ray, i’ve decided to prioritize my time with my family on the weekends by eliminating social media {specifically Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest} from my weekends. i still allow myself to check in with my favorite blogs on Feedly, especially since i have less and less time to do so during the work week, but in general, my phone remains far, far away from me on the weekends. i cannot tell you how refreshed this helps me feel, and how liberating it is to unplug; since becoming a mama {and then becoming a mama of two}, i’ve learned so much about drawing close to loved ones {namely, my husband and our boys} and about making boundaries that help me to lift up what matters {family} and let go what doesn’t {as much as i try not to, social media for me has become so much about comparison, which is so unfulfilling!}. #socialmediafreeweekends help me to make sure that my focus is on what fills me up, not on what empties me. i encourage you to try it out, if you’re feeling frustrated and unfulfilled by social media, too!

schedule Q’s baptism. CHECK!

go on one date with Jord. well, we didn’t go on a date, but we did have a date night this past weekend at home sans kids…it was such a treat! Jord made one of my favorite meals {this one}, we shared one of our favorite bottles of red wine {anything by Bogle is a win in my book}, and we reconnected as a couple. what a luxury it is to get to talk about “grown-up” things for an evening! thank you to our parents for taking our kiddos off of our hands for a few hours :)

set up automatic monthly withdrawals for church offering. CHECK!

lower level upgrades: paint treatment on wall; DIY mirror; DIY touches on kiddo reading bench. NADA. didn’t do ANY of these tasks. uffda!

attend Ladies’ Night at church with my Mom. CHECK! we had a great time, and the featured speaker, Annie Downs, totally lit my heart afire for living bravely! check out her latest book here; i can’t wait to dig into it this summer!

give myself grace as i return to work. as i mentioned last week, i’m so thankful that the transition back to work has gone quite well. however, {of course} there were days on which my patience in myself and in my littles wore thin, and i wasn’t the mama, the wife, or the worker-bee that i want to be. i’m always struck by this: why is it so hard to give ourselves grace, in comparison to the grace that we show to others? i vow to work on figuring this out in April.

read Naptime Diaries‘ Lenten devotional. i TOTALLY dropped the ball on this one. after-Lent devotional, anyone? :/

finish reading Lara Casey’s Making Things Happenalso still on my desk, waiting to be devoured…needless to say, it was a cruddy month for taking “me” time. {i still need a haircut…}

begin my mornings in the Word. oh, how i wish that i could say that progress was made on this goal. instead, i’m finding myself clicking Twitter or Instagram first thing in the morning, instead of diving into God’s guidebook for life. but here’s the real question: what has the potential to fill me up more – social media or God? i know the answer, but will i do anything to change, to right this ship? i’m surely going to try this month!

i’ll be back next week to share my April intentions, but in the meantime – what are you working on this month?

{image from here; go download your own!} :)

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