Okay I built it, who’s coming?

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I learned how to build this PC by looking at videos online. If you search “New Egg Computer Build,” there’s a three-part series on how to build a machine. Watching and listening to this tutorial was a huge help in just seeing something done. However, the instruction book (THEY STILL EXIST!) from the mother board that I bought was also very detailed and helpful.

First things first: I unpacked my boxes to see what was inside, and I made sure I had all of my parts.


Second step was to open each individual box, read through the various instructions and lay out the parts on a flat surface.


From there, I built the computer outside of the box by basically plugging all the necessary pieces into the puzzle to test that it worked. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of this step, but the reason for doing this, is that mounting everything in the case is a huge pain in the rear, and you want to make sure everything works before you go down that road.

On the first go, I didn’t have one piece plugged in completely, so I had a scare right off the bat, but after doing it right, everything was aces!

From there you start taking your case apart, sticking different parts in there and threading the cord mess through the entire machine. This mess is quite hard to deal with, and now I understand a few things about cord management.

Here’s the not so finished product:

power on

Everything is in, everything is happy and everything works. I’m not done with cable management because I’m one cable short. I didn’t realize that my motherboard would only come with two cables, and I needed three. So for now, my CD/DVD player is not plugged in, because I have two hard drives.

The build is as follows:

8-core 4.0 Ghtz Processor (zoom x8!)
8 GB DDR3 1600 Ram
120 GB Solid State Drive (zoom!)
1 TB 7200 rpm harddrive (stuff holder!)
2 GB Geforce 760 Video Card (pretty!)
600 Watts of Power
Standard Case
Standard DVD/CD
Windows 8.1

I’m very happy with this build. So far, in just a week or two of use, I’ve been able to do EVERYTHING I’ve wanted to do, without sacrificing a dang thing. It’s such a fast machine – it’s really hard to explain.

close up

In my final post, I’ll discuss the things I would consider doing differently, things I can see myself upgrading, and other thoughts and considerations. Stick around for more!


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