on a jet plane.

This past weekend, I got to celebrate a wonderful tradition with my best friend, Brad, for his bachelor party. He and I flew on a jet plane down to a little-known desert town called Las Vegas with three other guys for a little R&R. Well, actually, R&R probably wasn’t our actual intention, nor the outcome, but a trip did occur, and we all returned safely, albeit, a tad tired.

This would mark for the first time that I’d be leaving L and Sara alone together for more than a couple of nights – in this case, I was gone for four nights, to be exact. Leading into the trip, I felt like being away from them wouldn’t be all that abnormal; I expected that I would miss them, but I thought that my days would largely go on unaffected.

Wrong. I missed them like crazy.


Now, I still had tons of fun, had no issues keeping up with the crew, and was able to not let my feelings of missing them negatively affect the trip. But, I am sure I annoyed some of my traveling buddies because I felt like almost without control that I was talking about L or Sara, or was referencing them all the time. Perhaps that’s why it was easy to relax and enjoy myself over this trip, because they weren’t far away from me mentally or spiritually – they were always on my mind.

Physically, my days got turned upside down. The pace of Vegas is incredible, and just like my first visit to Vegas a few years ago, it never slowed down until I entered  to the airport in Vegas, readying to return home. Just like I expected, I felt this uneasy shift of life screeching to a halt.

This time, however, that feeling was lessened somewhat, as the fast-pace of Vegas was replaced by my excitement to see my family.

Instead of sleeping on the plane, as we started to descend, my levels of excitement peaked. In short, I was so ready to see my family.

Now, given that the plane landed at home past L’s bedtime, and he was a bit cranky when he was awoken by the jolt of the car returning home, I didn’t quite get the grand reception you see in the movies, but nothing could replace the warm feeling of returning home.

For me, the major takeaway of the trip, apart from a really fun time, was this: I don’t know how many times I heard people giving Brad a hard time about how getting married or having babies changes your life, but every time  I heard statements like that, I just smiled and knew, on the inside, how positive those changes have been for me.

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