One Year Ago Today.

Dear Sweet L,

One year ago today, Mama and Daddy discovered something wonderful: we were going to be parents.

Mama had taken a pregnancy test earlier in the month, but it was negative, so Mama just thought her monthly visitor was showing up late. But, on the morning of October 8, I decided to take another pregnancy test. As your Daddy and I waited for the mandatory two minutes to see the results, we made our bed and giggled anxiously. I was sure that the test would be negative, just like it was a week earlier.

But as your Daddy and I walked into the bathroom and flipped the test over, we saw the words “Pregnant,” and life has not been the same since.


We shrieked with joy and disbelief. We hugged and Mama’s eyes filled with tears. We walked around with permanent smiles for the next twelve hours – we couldn’t believe how blessed we felt.

We called our parents – your grandparents – and they were overjoyed as well. In fact, your Grandma Patty and Grandpa Joe were coming down to Vermillion to visit that weekend, and Mama will never forget Grandma Patty calling her back soon after we shared the news with them – “I am too excited to pack!” Grandma Patty said.

Since that day, our lives have only gotten exponentially better. Your presence has made us the happiest that we’ve ever felt in our entire lives, dear boy, and we feel so, so blessed to call you our son.


Happy one-year-anniversary of our family’s “We’re Pregnant” Day, sweet boy. You’re more than we ever could have imagined.

With love,

Mama and Daddy

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Sara works in higher education, but she's most proud of her role as a Mama to two precocious boys, Lionel Conner, age 4, and Quincy August, age 2. In honor of turning 30 in 2016, she pierced her nose to "keep her young." She loves watching guilty-pleasure television, writing about motherhood, decorating her first home, sipping red wine with her husband Jordan, and chasing after her sons.
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