Operation Man Cave, Err, Nook.

Well, check that. Operation Man Cave Nook. Part of owning a house is having some space that represents a little bit of you. There’s pieces of me all over our house in tiny ways, but there’s not a room that screams Jord. That’s likely to change, as I recently got Sara’s approval to take a very tiny space – that probably technically classifies as a closet – and turn it into my man cave. Well, instead of a cave, I’m now calling it a nook.

Below is a picture of where the nook is located in our lower level; we’ll work on getting “before” pictures taken of the actual space:


Hidden behind the door has been a catch-all for various storage items that we have yet to find a spot for, or stuff that we just simply unloaded from the moving truck back in August. The space isn’t large, and it isn’t grand, but after a quick test run, it’s quite perfect for my needs. With some simple modifications, a bit of TLC, a Master Chief Fat Head, and finally Sara’s stamp of approval, I’ll have a perfect man-nook.

Now I won’t likely host parties or be able to squeeze anymore than just myself in there, but 99% of the time, that is it’s purpose. A spot that can hold all of my toys, and easily keep them out of sight (I really have no idea why she doesn’t think a big PC, dual screen monitors, MASTER CHIEF!, among so much other stuff isn’t cute when it’s located in a room that people often hang out in, but I don’t always have to understand her. :)

Things I’d like to do:

  • Mount two computer monitors on the wall.
  • Mount a drop-leaf table/shelf that collapses for ease of movement but functions to hold a keyboard & mouse when I’m in gaming mode.
  • Build a spot for the Operation Nerd Mode PC I plan to build and Xbox 360/One to sit.
  • Create a cool way to hang/hold accessories, games etc.
  • Find a cool chair.
  • Hang up Master Chief Fat Head.

Things Sara would like to do:

  • Address the drywall situation (while the space has been drywalled, it is need of sanding – big time – before painting)
  • Paint the room a light and airy color (BM’s Palladian Blue, like L’s bedroom?)
  • Give some love to the concrete floor (paint it, a la Young House Love? add rugs?)
  • Add/Build concealed storage furniture (for baby items, holiday items, etc.) in smaller space under stairway (beyond the “man nook” area)
  • Take down Master Chief.

It should be quite cool, even though it will take time; it’s a process that, I imagine, could take a full year. I don’t want to just dump a ton of money into a room that’s for fun, but as you can see from my list of projects (ignore Sara’s – she’s got big stuff in mind!), this room has the prospect of getting done slowly with some spare change here and there.

About Jord

jord considers himself nerdy, mostly because he's a devoted gamer and freelance web designer. he works in computer technology and information services, but he'd be most proud to tell you that he recently built himself a computer, loves audio books, trying new beer and wine, grilling, and is so excited to have added "homeowner" to his list of titles.

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