Operation Nerd Mode.


The week before last, Sara asked me about a new game she saw me playing while monitoring me from afar. Immediately, I went into describing what Hearthstone is. As I started talking about a strategic collectible card game where all your minions, spells and heroes are put on a game board in a balance of luck strategy and skill, before I could finish explaining the game, Sara started laughing so hard that Lionel felt necessary to join in.

This isn’t far from typical. Sara noticed me playing a different game because I play a rotation of four to five games pretty consistently, and adding new games to my list of interests happens rarely. This is for a few reasons:

  • I have a lot less time with a job that includes a commute, a family that is growing, and interests that prioritize other budgets, which means that I didn’t get the new PS4 or XBox One like I may have in the past.
  • Also, I love the games I have, and I’m not interested in picking up many new ones.

But, Hearthstone has changed all that. I began playing the game because it’s free to play, but here I am, one month later, and Hearthstone has taken most of my video game time. Civilization, Starcraft 2, Halo 4, Madden 25 all still exist to me and remain on my list of current video game interests, but they only supplement Hearthstone anymore.

But to get back on point: I love my wife, and I don’t mind at all that she laughed uncontrollably at my nerd speak. In fact, I think she may be coming around even a small step at a time. There would have a time when the fantasy genre was no interest to her, but Viggo Mortensen’s portrayal of Aragorn in Lord of the Rings started to turn that around, and now with Game of Thrones and other adventures she’s shared with me, she might just be even slightly interested. {Editor’s Note: She’s not remotely interested in games of magic; she just likes cute boys and good storytelling!}

All that goes to say that my next personal project will be to build my first-ever gaming PC from scratch. I’ve always wanted to build my own PC, but the task always seemed daunting, expensive or one step away. Now that I can afford to do it, our iMac, while still a great tool, is dated for gaming standards, and I have a house (and Sara has a space in mind) for me to set up my “gaming station.” I’m very excited to go forward with plans.

Over the last few months, I’ve been researching various pieces and parts, reviews, and configurations and short of starting a Pinterest board, I’ve been “practicing” various builds and price lists to “sleep on” just to see where I’m at. Hopefully I’ll decide on the pieces and parts that I want to buy in the near future, and then I’ll take all of you along with me on a journey of building a computer from piece to piece. Here’s to hoping that you might just learn something, but if not, I’ll make sure that pictures of baby L are in every post so that you have something interesting to look at!

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jord considers himself nerdy, mostly because he's a devoted gamer and freelance web designer. he works in computer technology and information services, but he'd be most proud to tell you that he recently built himself a computer, loves audio books, trying new beer and wine, grilling, and is so excited to have added "homeowner" to his list of titles.
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