our home: the laundry room.

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up next in our home reveal is the laundry room, which is – by far – the space that is the most untouched and the space that i CANNOT WAIT to tackle.

a few “before” images to set the scene:


while the rest of our basement had been finished by the previous owners, the laundry room is a stark, blank space with very little drywall and a concrete floor. the washer and dryer conveyed with the home, and we like them a lot so far! i’m not crazy about the hanging cabinet to the right of the dryer – that will probably go when we eventually redo this space.


this side of the room (pictured above, to the right of the dryer) has a nice open space that is just begging to be a large closet – i’m dreaming of a wall-to-wall closet that conceals the furnace and offers some storage capabilities for holiday decor, out-of-season clothes, and the like. oh, and the entry door into the laundry room is to the right of the furnace.


this is the view of the room from the open corner of the room, next to the furnace. we LOVE the big window in this space – that’s rare for a basement, and especially rare in a laundry room! you can also see the water heater and the water softener in the picture above. more appliances to conceal = quite the job for me, who wants to make this room look “finished.” i’m thinking of using a bi-fold door screen painted in a fun color, a la Young House Love, to conceal these appliances, since the door opens with (literally) centimeters of clearance next to the water heater. little clearance = no room for building a closet or a wall to conceal the water heater.


here’s another look at the appliances in the space. as you can see, the previous owners left a carpet remnant on the floor so that my toesies don’t freeze while i’m doing laundry. while that’s nice for now, this space will definitely need a large rug…eventually.

of course, we have a bevy of plans for this space that i’m anxious to get started on:

– add drywall where needed

– add a folding screen door (painted in a fun color? to hide appliances (furnace, water heater, etc.)

– create a closet that’s the length of the far wall (build in the furnace); add storage shelving, doors, etc.

– paint the walls (BM’s White Dove is my favorite neutral white right now – i want the space to look crisp and clean)

– stencil a focal wall in bright colors (use this stencil: http://pinterest.com/pin/272749321155456926/)

– prime, paint (White Dove) and hang wooden open shelving: 12” shelves (with fun/large brackets spray-painted gold!) above washer & dryer to hold laundry soaps, baskets, etc.

– hang art

– paint the floor (use Valspar Oil Porch & Floor Paint, a la Young House Love (what color? navy is my favorite idea at the moment…)

– place washer in a water-safe metal tray

– “build in” washer and dryer (like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/272749321155518660/), add folding shelf made of MDF (or DIY a faux bois counter, like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/272749321155935252/)

and with that, we’ve nearly wrapped up the tour of our new home! still to come: the living room upstairs and the garage!

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