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We bought our house after seeing a variety of different houses and setups over the years. One of the things that Sara made overly clear was that we needed a basement that did not “feel” like a basement. What Sara meant, as I eventually learned, is that the basement needed to be completely finished, could not have drop-tile ceilings (I also learned what drop-tile ceilings meant), and it needed proper lighting.

With our house, we found all of those things. The basement here has some character, the carpet was warm and inviting, the ceiling was finished, the walls were painted and the lights were a nice touch – they are on a dimmer switch, so they are completely adjustable, depending on what you’re doing (Sara’s been known to dim the lights slightly so L will fall asleep…and then she’ll fall asleep, too…) The large windows on either side of the main room allow natural light in when you want it, and keeps it out when you don’t. Along the wall there’s a built in ledge that so far has been an acting coffee table (we haven’t yet figured out how to use it, or not use it). Here are some photos:

Walking downstairs, I call it a lower level (super snooty!) , because it doesn’t feel like a basement…


Going downstairs, turning left to see half of the main room. Don’t mind the curtains – they aren’t staying for long.


Here’s the other half of the main room from the backwall perspective. The wall features built-in holes for hiding cords and mounting for surround sound (which seems likely to come down, since Sara’s sensitive ears can only take so much.)


From the back wall again, you can see the hallway. Wyatt the dog is in between looking up stairs and at that under stair closet. On the left is the bathroom, the furthest left is the laundry/utility room, and across from that is the guest bedroom.


So far, our basement has been a great relaxing pad. Baby L and Wyatt both have a good time to play, since there’s a ton of space to move around. We’re looking at mounting our TV to the wall, removing the surround sound fixtures, and building a computer desk to fill up some of that space. But the nice open play area is a feature we don’t plan to ruin.

Our plans for this space include:

- paint (Sara loves BM’s Gray Owl)

- bring in new TV (our current TV is 40″, but we’d like a set that’s at least 55″) and TV stand

- purchase a comfortable sectional (with at least one chaise lounge at one end) that maximizes seating potential (seats at least five)

- add large area rug near/beneath sectional

- add wood blinds, graphic curtains, art

- eventually add stairs + convert back windows into a walkout with French doors?

- create a “library nook” by installing wall-to-wall bookshelves {DIY? IKEA?} and organize books by color (like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/272749321155446995/)

- add a leather armchair with nailhead trim, a sheepskin, a ceramic drum table, and a pillow

- hang farmhouse lantern over the armchair (in red? yellow? teal?) (like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/272749321155439697/)

- add/build a desk with simple lines + a metal desk chair with a fabric seat

We’re also open to converting this space in a major way down the line, if we find that we need another bedroom (our home currently has three bedrooms – two upstairs and one downstairs). Currently, we’re tossing around the idea of just adding a large wall to the space to create a fourth bedroom; we would then repurpose/reformat the closet under the stairs into a bedroom closet/reading nook for L or other future kiddos.

On a grander scale, we also are open to the idea of building an addition to the front of the house, which would allow us to keep the living space in this room while still giving us a fourth bedroom downstairs. If we went the addition route, the upstairs room in the addition (which would be added adjacent to the living room upstairs) would be a den/library/homework central for our kids (Sara’s picturing a large work table in the middle of the room for the kids to work on, a small seating area/chaise lounge for reading and snuggling, a piano that we’re hoping to eventually grab from Sara’s parents, and bookshelves that span the entire perimeter of the room). Of course, this would be WAY down the line, but it sure is fun to dream about! We’re open to saving our pennies slowly and waiting for a LONG time to determine if this is a need that we truly have.

Up next: the guest bedroom, which is also located on the lower level!

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    I would call that a lower level, too, if it was me. That’s no “basement”! :)