Joy: Our Wedding – Ceremony Music, Readings, Prayers & DIY Programs

Jordan and I wrote our wedding ceremony together from a sample Methodist wedding ceremony, given to me by my uncle, who was performing our ceremony. I labored over the prayers and the readings in particular, because I wanted every bit of that ceremony to reflect Jordan and I.

So, here’s what we ended up using:

Music – I walked down the aisle to my lovely sister-in-law’s rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I still get all starry-eyed every time I hear that song, because it makes me think of clutching my dad’s arm, and of seeing Jordan at the end of the aisle.

We also had my sister-in-law sing “We Are Man & Wife” by Michelle Featherstone while we signed our marriage license. Every time I hear this song (it’s evidently a song that my Itunes DJ likes to play), I smile from ear to ear. This song will always make me think about our wedding, and I get tears in my eyes whenever I hear it. It’s such a special, emotional, personal song for me.


Readings – Ecclesiastes 4:9-12; Excerpt – The Velveteen Rabbit; “i carry your heart with me” – e.e. cummings

I’ve loved the Ecclesiastes verses ever since I was young; the notion that “two are better than one” gives me tingles inside, and the imagery of the three cords (one for each of us, and one for God) remaining unbroken is the strongest symbol of marriage that I’ve ever heard.

The Velveteen Rabbit reading sort of fell into my lab one day as I was scanning the blogosphere for reading ideas; I love, love, LOVE it. It’s the first book that we’ll give to our (someday, future) child, I think. These are the words that Mommy and Daddy read at their wedding ceremony. I’m tearing up already.

Lastly, the e.e. cummings poem was so, so perfect for us. I had the lovely Paloma’s Nest on Etsy make me a bouquet charm that read, “i carry your heart with me,” and it’s such an evocative poem…makes me giggly thinking of my husband carrying my heart in his.


Prayer – I really, really wanted to honor our grandparents (we’ve lost seven of our eight grandparents) at our wedding. In addition to the seven candles that we placed on the altar, my uncle and I also composed a grandparents prayer, which went like this:

Through the joys and struggles of life, you two have emerged as unique people, thanks to God, your family and friends, including some who have gone before us. Our prayers go out to them this day as well as to others who, for whatever reason, cannot be here in person.

We offer prayers of thanksgiving especially for the grandparents who have fostered your dreams and enriched your lives. We remember today and always the lives of [names], honoring their contributions to your lives.

All who cannot be here today still share in our joy through the Spirit of LOVE, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. We praise God for His presence with us, and especially in the solemn creation of this marriage covenant, through Jesus Christ our Lord. -Amen-

This prayer was so, so emotional for me; it took almost everything I had not to cry.

And, here are a few pictures of our DIY programs…an 8-page labor of love that Jordan and I created while holed up for a weekend in his tiny, tiny apartment watching the ENTIRE Lord of the Rings series.



Up next: Walking Down the Aisle!

{All photos by the fantastically talented Creative Kindling}