recent happenings {our summer kickoff}.

uffda, sorry for that unintentional blog break! we’ve been having a lot of good times around here, the boys and i, as we officially kicked off our start to summer in mid-May, and blogging has sort of slid off my radar – my apologies!

a few recent happenings to share:

no. 1: someone named Quincy is sitting up…AND sleeping through the night {well, he was, until…}…getting his first tooth! we first felt it popping its way through on June 1 {it’s on the bottom, on his right side}, and after a few nights of nursing through the night like he hadn’t eaten in DAYS, we weren’t too surprised to find it there. my boy, the comfort nurser extraordinaire! but, who can be upset with this cutie? :)


he’s also had his first tastes of baby food, and while we all gambled that our boy would LOVE all things food, he’s actually been quite slow to the food game! he has no tolerance for baby cereal, thank-you-very-much, but he’s warming up nicely to sweet potatoes and is a voracious muncher of banana-flavored puffs, just like his older brother. it’s obvious that he has NO IDEA of all of the goodness that will come his way in the future {ahem, pizza is a revelation that he won’t know of for some time, but oh my, will his mind be blown!}.



in other news, our boy L is also in love with swimming, and thanks to eight weeks of swimming lessons and his Puddle Jumper, he’s become quite a little fish! also, Q is a BIG fan of the water and experienced his first dip in the pool at the end of May.




look at all of my boys – what a blessed lady i am!


in other news, one Lionel Conner is using the big boy potty like a CHAMP – he’s been impressing us so much lately! we’re not quite there yet, but we’ve had many, many successes and only a few accidents since launching our latest foray into the world of the big-boy potty at the end of May.


other than those big milestones, it’s been a lot of this around here:





we’re also gearing up for one special boy’s third birthday this weekend – check back tomorrow for a letter to our nearly-three-year-old Lionel. #slowdowntime

how are you celebrating summer?

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