It has been a long while since I’ve written any posts for this blog, my blog, or any blog blog. I could rattle off the hundreds of reasons or excuses as to why that is, but I’m going to ignore it and pretend like I’ve been writing once a week since the beginning of time. Go.

As my wife has so beautifully described to you on several occasions, I became a father of two boys past November. Quincy has a been an absolute riot and deserves a few hundred thousand words to describe the experience he has been in my life already, but I only know a thousand or so words (bad dad joke). Since his birth, I have gotten the pleasure to watch Lionel interact with this new human on a daily basis.


Before the birth, Sara and I did our best to try and prepare Lionel for this major life change, but I still did not know what would happen when Q-day would come. That day came and went, and both Lionel and Quincy have blessed us with an outrageous level of tolerance, love and patience.  It is extremely rare to have both of them upset at once. I don’t believe I have ever seen one trigger another one into some sort of fit. Granted, I know that Quincy, being less than three months old, has little to do or say, but both of them have their special ways of showing love for each other.

Lionel is down right adorable when he interacts with Quincy. He reads, he sings, he plays, and he watches “his shows” with Quincy. He gives him kisses, tries to comfort him while he is upset and even when he is rough-housing, Lionel takes a general care to not over do it with the small baby. It is remarkebly fascinating to see my oldest boy, who is on his way to three years old, coordinate and control his body around the baby. You can see him actively trying to be extremely careful. Finally, when Quincy needs immediate attention, Lionel might not always be happy to share “Mom” (that’s his new name for Sara, and it is under-appreciated by “Mama”), but he shows understanding.

Quincy, on the flip side, has dealt with an almost three year old who thinks he’s being extremely careful, is watching his every step and playing a charade of games to impress Mama and Daddy. That older brother steps, lays, screams, steamrollers (my bad), and runs all around Quincy, and of course, accidents happen. Socks get pulled on or off, pacifiers gets shoved into Quincy’s face, and the swing stops rocking as big brother attempts to join in the fun. All that being said, Quincy is resilient. Quincy typically handles all these interactions with a careful studying of the scenario at hand. Clearly, he prefers the tending loving arms of his mother, but from time to time, when Mama needs a break, he’s quite content when, sometimes, the entertainment duties fall to big bro.

As a father, it is absolutely fascinating watching and following Lionel grow up and learn new things. It has been just as fascinating to watch Quincy take seemingly a different course to the same conclusion in many ways. They are so similar and so different in so many ways. Perhaps I’m remembering things differently or perceiving things differently the second time around, but the best part of all has been watching them interact, learn and grow together. The sibling dynamic has been deeply meaningful, and they are so full of love and care for each other, even if, perhaps, they don’t yet understand fully what it means to have a brother.

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