sick bugs, go away + mini-reveals

dear sick bugs,

please leave my dear family alone.

love, Sara

yes, that’s right, folks – the sick bugs have hit us yet again. this introduction to the world of daycare has sent our little family on quite the adventure these past 6.5 weeks…i bet that L has missed nearly as many days at daycare as he’s attended, all due to sickness (if not his own, his mama’s). the stomach flu (or something like it) hit our little guy on saturday and this mama on sunday, and it took us down and out for a few days, hence the radio silence here on our bloggity. our apologies!

* *

anyway, i wanted to let you all know of a few posts that are in the works around these here parts:

* a tour of L’s bedroom!

* a tour of our home’s exterior

but, to tide you over in the meantime, a few mini-reveals. first up: we’ve (finally) settled on a paint color for our home’s front door and three exterior doors! here she blows – we’re digging the color on the left:




look familiar? if you’re a fellow young house love-er, it should – it’s the same hue that j&s selected for their front door – blue lake by benjamin moore. we’re hoping to give our front door a bigger smile this weekend, with a full-on reveal coming soon :)

2. i’ve officially settled on a paint treatment for L’s bedroom dresser. introducing…the gradient finish, a la Red Hen Home, which i found via Pinterest:


i’m headed to the paint store today to pick up some swatches, but so far i’m loving benjamin moore’s palladian blue for the top drawers (also the color of L’s walls), BM’s stratton blue (two colors below on the color swatch), and BM’s prescott green (another two colors down). i’ll do the gradient paint treatment on the drawer fronts, but i’ll mimic the look of the white sides, top and legs, as seen above. i’m anxious to see how the paint colors look today – when i see them with my own two eyes instead of peering through a computer screen :)

finally, check out this duvet i bought from good ol’ urban outfitters for the guest bedroom (or for the master bedroom, if i can somehow convince Jord to rethink his opinion on the duvet…let’s just say that what he thinks of the duvet’s pattern rhymes with schmideous…):


i’m thinking of going with a rustic/romantic look in the guest room/master bedroom/wherever i can convince Jord to let me put this gorgeous thing. i got all sorts of inspired when i saw this inspiration board (above) a la apartment therapy – head to their original post for source information for the gorgeous stuff pictured above. i want to add a pallet headboard, a creamy white end table with a fun drawer knob, a mini-library + linens cabinet (i’ll be repurposing a piece we already own for this project!), a chandelier with some rustic beauty, and a soft, deep paint color (probably in the grey family – surprise, surprise!). gorgeous, right?

that’s all for now – stay tuned for more from us soon (unless the sick bugs get us…again).

About Sara

Sara works in higher education, but she's most proud of her role as a Mama to two precocious boys, Lionel Conner, age 4, and Quincy August, age 2. In honor of turning 30 in 2016, she pierced her nose to "keep her young." She loves watching guilty-pleasure television, writing about motherhood, decorating her first home, sipping red wine with her husband Jordan, and chasing after her sons.

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