{#simplify2014} october #Powersheets update.

last time we chatted about all things #simplify2014, i confessed that i had fallen off the #powersheets wagon a bit since the beginning of the year. well, i am happy to report that i am back on track and feeling great about it! to be truthful, i am the type of person who needs a bit of direction in my life, and i tend to struggle at times without a “plan” to follow. while i totally believe {and feel so, so grateful for} God’s masterful plan for my life, i can’t help but try to focus my energy and my heart on things like to-do’s and goals while i {impatiently, most of the time!} wait for God to reveal His will and His work.

so, with that being said, here’s what i tackled in the month of October and how i did:

ready the boys’ shared bedroom for photos/reveal. as of my last report on the boys’ shared room, we still had a few things to check off of the list. at this point, i still have a few updates to make to the room, but i feel confident in saying that the room is about 99% done! i can’t wait to show the room to you, and to see how Baby Boy likes his shared room with his big brother, who already seems smitten with the space!

locate, bring in and clean baby gear. CHECK!

purchase twin mattresses, sheets and a pillow for L. CHECK, as i noted here.

wash baby’s 3 month clothes. no progress on this one, although my Mom assures me that i will have plenty of time to ready these clothes before Baby Boy actually needs them :)

pursue church membership. once we got settled in our home, we began the search for a new church home. we very much enjoyed the church environment of our last church home, so we decided to look around for a similar church. yet, after finding one close to home that fits the bill, i didn’t feel excited to pursue making that church our permanent home. so, we are back on the hunt!

celebrate birthdays in our family. CHECK!

celebrate Halloween. CHECK! L loved Halloween this year – just check out this photo of our heroic little Super Lionel:


organize + ready guest room for guests (when baby comes). since we are in the process of transitioning L to his big boy bed {!!}, after thinking through it, i realized that setting up the guest room downstairs – a whole floor away from L and Baby’s room – is futile, since whoever stays with us {such as my parents, who have agreed to watch L for a night or two after Baby’s birthday} won’t want to be so far away from L. thus, i have tabled this task for later!

i also have been working on a few ongoing goals, including reading for enjoyment {success on this one – i read Gone Girl this month!}, reconnecting with family and friends, blogging more, praying regularly, and prioritizing “me time.” the last one continues to be a struggle, but this past month, i enjoyed many a Pumpkin Chai Latte from a local coffeehouse, which delighted me as i worked in the mornings – i consider that to be a good start!

i’ll be back soon with a look at what i am working on for November!

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Sara works in higher education, but she's most proud of her role as a Mama to two precocious boys, Lionel Conner, age 4, and Quincy August, age 2. In honor of turning 30 in 2016, she pierced her nose to "keep her young." She loves watching guilty-pleasure television, writing about motherhood, decorating her first home, sipping red wine with her husband Jordan, and chasing after her sons.
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