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Our Home - Rendering

Earlier this week, we experienced our first-ever home inspection experience. As we mentioned in our inaugural blog post, we are under contract for our first home, and we couldn’t be more excited for the adventure that’s ahead of us!

Home inspections are good for several reasons. If the house is showing real wear and tear, the inspector is supposed to point that out and explain what it will take to bring the house back up to standard and such. I think that may be oversimplifying it, but that’s the main idea behind an inspection.

When we made an offer on the house (pictured above, but we’ve distorted and filtered the photo a bit until we’re ready to reveal it to you all!), we had already had my brother and my father go through it. They both are experienced in home remodeling and construction, and they found very little to critique about the home. In fact, they even got to the point where they were reaching to nitpick. This gave me more confidence going into the home inspection, but, of course, there were things they didn’t check or look into when we were showing them the house, and that was cause for possible concern.

Now if you do not know me well already, you should know that I do not worry easily. But the hours leading up to the inspection, I had already began spinning the wheels in my head to keep possible lows not so low and keep my positive spin machine rolling. Why? To be honest, I wasn’t excited about possibly going back to the negotiating table to fix whatever issues might have cropped up. I was also anxious about possibly leaving this deal altogether. In short, I was not excited to be let down. Shocking? No.

Here’s a glimpse into what was going through my mind:

I have little to no idea what Sara was thinking or feeling over the situation. I know I had tunnel vision and was locked in to what I needed to know. What questions should I ask, what do I need to see, what I don’t want to see, etc.

I was so sucked in and focused on my own thoughts that I cannot remember what my spouse, who was there with me, was thinking about it. All I remember is that leading up to the inspection is that she wanted a fruit smoothie and wanted to grab more paint swatches. I feel like in this instance she was either better at distracting herself, or more confident that I was.

Anyway, when we walk up to the house to meet with the inspector, I was a bit more relaxed. There was our house. It was going to be our house, and it hadn’t gotten flattened by a tornado, or smashed into by a meteor. Phew. (My wife will likely be surprised by these comments, but I had seen these scenarios in my head.)

We get into the house and the inspector was still working a bit. His first comments to us about the house were as follows:

“Well, there’s no such thing as a perfect house, but this one is close.”

Hot damn. I instantly felt a surge of relief: we are not crazy, we are not blind, and we know how to pick a home! He showed us some very minor issues here and there, mostly cosmetic outside of a couple spots where the sidewalk and drive way needs some sealing. In fact, the majority of the issues he brought up were already noted by my father and brother, so relief set in. Our inspector then went through the home and highlighted what he looked at, which seemed rather thorough, as if he felt bad that his job is to find everything and he found so little.

In the end the house checks out, we move onto the next step which is the appraisal, and we’re less than 7 weeks away from moving into the biggest (non-living) project of our lives: creating “our” home. I’m excited!

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