starting autumn off right.

this past weekend, we had Jord’s family over to celebrate his father’s birthday. before the party, L’s little cousin Jaxsen (who is four months older than L – to the day!) came over to paint pumpkins. the mamas had loads of fun, and the boys had a great time (well, L – Jaxsen wasn’t so sure about the painting part)! you’ll see in the pictures to come that yes, i covered the table with candy-cane wrapping paper – and yes, that’s all i had available. laugh it up, people.

here’s photo proof that our kids are on their way to becoming the next Michelangelo and Picasso:







we mamas may have helped our boys with their pumpkins – they don’t know how to spell their names yet :)

we adults also got in on the carving fun:


if i was a good blogger, i’d have the “after” photos for you to show you how excellent and talented we are at carving pumpkins, but i failed to take any “after” photos…perhaps because my hands were covered in pumpkin-goo from cleaning out these orange monstrosities. but, trust me – the pumpkins turned out fabulously (and, in the case of my pumpkin, completely un-scary – i carved a happy-faced pumpkin).

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you start autumn off right.

and why not, let’s throw in one more picture – this is L’s cute little handprint:


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