The calm before the storm.

Or at least it should be. Tomorrow we will be two weeks away from closing on our house. There is not a lot we can do to prepare at this point. Last week, we celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary, got an oil change in our car, and signed up for insurance on our house. I could have written a post about signing up for insurance, but basically we shopped around for quotes and found the price we were happy with and signed up. There is not much more to that process, and I feel like it would be a really boring post.

However, I honestly come to you with nothing to write about other than my nervous tension as each passing day goes by. In the next two weeks I have the following things to take care of:

  1. Secure a moving truck rental.

I really think I can handle this list. The real benefit of being married to a woman who takes care of things right away, and a long close on a house, is that there is little chance of a whirlwind of rush towards the end. Everything seems to be ready to go. Even at this point the “fun” things are on hold as we’ve fleshed out as many “good ideas” of what we want to do in that first week we’re living in the house. I’m sure we could work hard to line up specific plans for each day, but perhaps there’s less stress in letting things happen as they come.

To help pass the time this week, there is baseball. I have a baseball game Wednesday night, and another this weekend. Perhaps even a third game if necessary. It is district playoffs time. If we win our way into a seed for state, we’ll get to play at Sioux Falls Stadium the following weekend to help further pass the time. I’m very excited for the opportunity to play in front of a very large home crowd.

I keep telling myself that before I know it, August 6th will be here, and that various distractions will bring us to that time. But as I sit here waiting, in the “calm before the storm” state, I am everything but calm.

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jord considers himself nerdy, mostly because he's a devoted gamer and freelance web designer. he works in computer technology and information services, but he'd be most proud to tell you that he recently built himself a computer, loves audio books, trying new beer and wine, grilling, and is so excited to have added "homeowner" to his list of titles.
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