the epic before-baby to-do list.

yup, it’s that time, folks – nesting has already set in {and i’m only 21 weeks along!}, and i’m all about checking off as many to-do items on this here house list as we can before baby Gillis no. 2 joins our family.

here’s what’s on the ‘ol agenda:

master bedroom

– finish DIYing our platform bed, as discussed here; even though we’ve been sleeping in our new bed for a few weeks now, we have a few tweaks to do to the legs of the bed and trim to add, then we’re calling this bed done-zo {as a reminder, our old bed – a black/brown Hemnes from IKEA awhile back – made its pilgrimage to my brother’s new bachelor pad; he also took possession of our matching Hemnes six-drawer dresser and our nightstand}.

– tweak the artwork in the room in preparation for an upholstered headboard {not ready to tackle this yet}, a big DIY mirror out of wood shims {still not done – i’m on a roll, i tell you}, and baby Gillis no. 2’s haven in our bedroom {see below}

– make a haven for baby Gillis no. 2 in our bedroom by adding curtain tie backs {for safety – the crib will be in front of the window}, a changing pad + diapering accessories {to go on our yellow dresser}, the crib + bedding/baby blankets/lovies to our room {back story: while we coslept with L, we’re going to attempt to have this little one sleep in his crib from the start. to make this process easier on ourselves, and to hopefully keep L on a relatively consistent bedtime routine – the two boys will eventually share a room – we’re moving L to a big boy bed later this fall and bringing the crib into our bedroom for the first eight to nine months of baby no. 2’s life.}.

upstairs living room

– drill holes in the wall behind the {mounted} television to conceal the TV cords behind the wall


– touch-up paint on interior and exterior doors {i’m still in love with the Blue Lake color, but after nearly a year of use, they could use a light sanding and a quick touch-up so they are good for the long haul. LESSON LEARNED: sanding before painting = a good idea.}

guest room

– ready the guest room {read: declutter + organize} prior to baby no. 2’s arrival, so my Mom can stay in there if we need/she wants.

Lionel + Baby’s shared room – see my Pinterest board for this room here!

– touch-up paint on walls {still in love with Palladian Blue – it’s the perfect minty blue!}

– paint ceiling?

– add white vinyl decals (triangles? arrows?) to one wall to create a focal wall in the room

– purchase/make + hang new artwork {the purchasing + making of the art is in process right now, and i’m having so. much. FUN.}

– order crib bedding for Baby {already in talks with an Etsy seller – she’s been wonderful!}

– paint big wooden rocker and little wooden rocker, both from my childhood {!!}, as well as a twin bed for L that we inherited from my Mom’s younger days {!!!} {my parents are again tackling the furniture painting for us, since my painting time is limited by the pregnancy; they’ve already begun the sanding + priming process – yay for progress!}

– personalize L’s bed with a monogram {vinyl? vinyl decal?}

– build, paint + attach a simple bed rail for L’s big boy bed out of 1x3s

– purchase twin mattresses, bedding, sheets + accent pillows/blanket for L’s big boy bed

– build + hang wood shelving on either side of the window {2-3 shelves per side} for additional storage

– purchase/dye curtains {i’m so inspired by Jenny’s post on dying her own curtains, and i’d love to shoot for a moody gray-blue color…}

– hang another clothing rod in the closet for Baby’s clothes?


– hem curtains in kitchen + downstairs living room

– locate, clean + bring in all baby gear, including swing, bouncy seat, baby bathtub, etc.

– wash all baby clothes, new {oh, the joys of having another boy in a different season = SHOPPING has been so much FUN!} + old/used {from L}

– purchase new swaddle blankets {we swear by the SwaddleMe brand with velcro!}, car seat {we’re going to try out an infant car seat this time – looking at the Chicco brand!}, diaper bag {need one for two kiddos!}, and cloth diapers {while we were satisfied with our Fuzzibunz experience last time, we really want to try BumGenius this time, so we’re looking to add about 18 BumGenius diapers to our stash with this baby}.

– purchase + wrap Christmas gifts in November {goal: no last-minute stressing after baby comes!}

i’m sure i’m missing like 100,000,000 things that we need to do before this baby comes {we’re due the first week of December}, but this is at least a start…

what’s on your house agenda? do you have an impending deadline like we do?

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