there’s this thing called time, and it moves oh so quickly.

in other words, i can’t believe that i haven’t blogged since november {other than my little post today about my boy’s six month milestone.}


* *

i’m feeling all sorts of emotional today.

six months is a long time, and it’s gone by in the blink of an eye. my little boy, still three or four months old in my mind, is now six months, eight hours and eight minutes old {and counting.}

* *

he’s eating cereal now. rice cereal has been a big hit ever since his first meal on thanksgiving, and today, at six months old, he devoured oatmeal cereal this morning.

at our doctor’s appointment on december 17th, i’m going to ask our doctor about giving the little man juice – here’s to hoping we get a big fat yes, because i think he will love. it.

* *

speaking of thanksgiving, it was grand.

lots of eating, lots of pumpkin pie, lots of sweet potatoes, lots of family lovin’.

* *

exciting news: for a few days after the christmas holiday, jord and l and i are headed to the beautiful, snowy hills of south dakota for a winter cabin getaway with our dear friends, brad and robin, and brad’s family! this will be l’s first experience of the mountains – i’m so excited to see what kind of adventures we can find in the hills, and jord is SO pumped to ski! {me, on the other hand, i am SO afraid of heights that me and l will be content just being ski bunnies!}

we’ll be spending many a day at home in brandon/sioux falls over the christmas and new year’s holidays, too – i’m gearing up for nearly two weeks of holiday cookies, homemade cocoa, baby snuggles, christmas traditions and snowy adventures!

here’s to hoping that we see our first snowfall in south dakota soon, soon, soon! hope that you are yours are sledding in soft snow and anxiously awaiting the filling of your christmas stocking in a few weeks!

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