update: capsule wardrobe no. 1 {summer edition}.

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when we last chatted about my summer capsule wardrobe project, i revealed what items i am wearing throughout the season. today, i wanted to give you an update as to how it’s going {since i’m about one month into the project!}. as a quick reminder, this means that i’ll select and wear only 37 pieces {including tops, jackets, bottoms, dresses, and shoes} all summer long {from May 15-August 10} and i won’t shop until it’s time to prep my fall capsule at the end of summer.

but first – an update on what’s still in my first-ever capsule wardrobe, one month later.

and, a quick caveat: i know that i said above that i wouldn’t shop for items until i begin to prep my fall capsule, but i did have a few items that lingered past the start date of my summer capsule, so i gave myself permission to acquire those items in the first few weeks of my capsule, as you’ll see below.


  • Polka-dot chambray snap-up top {from Maurices}
  • Blue + pink printed t-shirt {from Target}
  • Blue + white printed t-shirt {from NY&CO}
  • Solid pink t-shirt {from Target}
  • Solid heather blue tank top {from Gap}
  • Solid black tank top {from Gap}
  • Taupe flowy top {from Bohme}
  • PURCHASED: Solid purple peplum tank top {from Gap} {this top replaced the green + blue bird-print top, which was made of silky fabric + thus was not quite breathable in the summer heat!}
  • NEW: Solid blue tank tunic with stud detail {from NY&CO}


  • Denim + lace shirtdress
  • Navy ruffled v-neck printed dress with zipper detail
  • Black “graffiti’ printed dress
  • Patriotic stars shirtdress
  • Striped cotton t-shirt dress in shades of blue {from Target}
  • PURCHASED: Gray cotton tank dress with waist-tie detail {from NY&CO}
  • NEW: Party dress TBD {i have a few bridal + baby showers to attend this summer, so i’m allowing myself to select a party dress from storage to wear to each of these events; this item replaced the solid pink button-down shirt, which was previously listed above}


  • Denim jacket {from Gap Outlet}
  • Teal cardigan {from The Limited}
  • PURCHASED: White denim vest {from Vanity}


  • Solid black maxi skirt {from Target}
  • Denim skirt in pencil cut {from Target}
  • Yellow floral printed skirt
  • Blue printed skirt {from Gap Outlet}
  • Light-wash denim boyfriend jeans {from Gap}
  • Dark-wash denim boyfriend jeans {from Gap}
  • Olive green boyfriend khakis {from Gap}
  • PURCHASED: Denim shorts {from Gap}
  • Solid orange shorts {from Gap Outlet}
  • Solid pink shorts {from Gap Outlet}
  • Navy eyelet dressy shorts {from The Limited}
  • Solid black leggings {from Target}
  • PURCHASED: Printed black soft shorts with eyelet detail {from Vanity} {this item replaced the cream cardigan, which i found that i wasn’t reaching for at all this summer}


  • Flip-flops {blue}
  • Flip-flops {green}
  • PURCHASED: Black + grey TOMS
  • Nude canvas wedges with zipper detail {from Target}
  • NEW: Black rounded-toe flats {from Target} {these replaced the grey pointed-toe flats {from Express} on my list, as they are more casual for summer}

so, as you can see, i’m still at 37 items, and i’ve done some clothing switcheroos and purchases based on what items i still needed to hit the magic number of 37, what i’ve noticed about myself and what i’ve liked wearing in the past four weeks of this experience.

a few more learning moments to share:

  • nursing-friendly clothes have priority right now. since i’m still nursing Q, this means that i can frequently be found wearing a tank top or a t-shirt, versus a blouse or a dress. i’m sure that in future seasons, when i’m not so focused on nursing, or perhaps when i’m pumping breast milk more frequently {like i will be when i return to my teaching job in August}, my day-to-day wardrobe will have a bit more variety.
  • i’m not tempted to dig items out of storage. what’s surprised me the most is this: even though my out-of-season clothes are being stored on the floor of my closet in a large tote, i haven’t been tempted at all to dig into the tote for other items to wear. in fact, apart from my realization that i will need a party dress to wear to a few events this summer {see above} and subsequently pulling a few dress options to mull over, i haven’t opened the tote at all!
  • tank dresses = so easy. like i mentioned above, i’m definitely in a specific season of my life as a nursing mama, so i often find myself reaching for the same items in my closet over and over again. but, i have been surprised by one item in my closet that’s become a go-to for me: the gray cotton tank dress. it’s so easy to just throw on a dress and sandals in the summertime, and the scoop neck of this specific dress is generous enough to allow for relatively easy nursing. it’s become one of my favorite pieces!
  • i get a different feeling when i open my closet {and it’s a good feeling!}. before i took on this experiment, i used to fold my jeans, shorts + tank tops and hang only my dresses, blouses + t-shirts. but, after cleaning out my closet for this project, i decided to hang all of my clothing items for this capsule, including items that previously would have been hidden in a drawer. this has been such a welcome change for me, because i can instantly see my options {and hello, i can actually SEE my clothes – before, my closet was so crowded with out-of-season, ill-fitting, i-don’t-really-like-this clothing, but now my closet is wide open with ample space!}.

so, that’s how the capsule project has been going this past month. i’m already excited to develop my fall capsule, although i have a feeling that i may need to increase my number of items from 37 to 45 or so come fall, as i’ll be heading back to work…but you know that i’ll keep you posted!

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