Warby Parker = Love.

So, awhile back, I mentioned that I was in need of some new specs. It’s been a long time coming for me – I’ve needed glasses since L was born (I feel victim to the theory of a mama’s eyesight growing poorer and poorer after pregnancy), so it feels really, really good to finally be able to see street signs and billboards in the distance! Not to mention, I feel like a vintage-inspired foxy lady with these specs on :)

I went with Warby Parker for a few reasons: a) I wanted vintage-inspired frames, and they have the goods; b) I wanted a pair of glasses that was rather inexpensive, but didn’t *feel* or *look* cheap; and c) I’ve heard a ton of great things about WP’s at-home try-on and customer service. And folks, I’m happy to say that all of the above reasons were absolutely justified – I’m a big Warby Parker believer.

I ordered five frames from WP for an at-home try-on, which is the coolest thing ever. They sent me these five frames, per my request: Preston, Chandler, Holcomb, Ripley and Sinclair. With the at-home try-on, I was able to get these frames sent to my house – FOR FREE – and try them on in the comfort of my home. Jord was able to give me his opinion, too, which is valuable, since he has to look at me all day :)

Choosing frames wasn’t difficult at all – thankfully, some of the frames looked HORRENDOUS on me, and I fell in love with one pair right away: the Sinclair in Greystone.

So now, I present to you, a selfie of me from Instagram, debuting my awesome, vintage-inspired Warby Parker glasses:


Cute, right? I love them :)

[NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post - I'm just a happy, happy customer wanting to share the love!]

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