wrapping paper + nails.

we’ve made some fun little updates around the house in the past few months (yes, months – i know, i’m a bad blogger to not share home-related changes with you that have been around for MONTHS!), but fear not: today, the time has (finally) come to share them with you.

behold, what i call the “nook” above our hallway upstairs:



as you may know, if you’ve read any of our posts about our wedding back in 2010, my mother collects bird houses and has for many years. i was bitten by the birdhouse bug in a different way – specifically, i dig birdcages, so i’ve collected a few over the years. this seemed like the perfect place to display these, both of which are leftover from our centerpieces at our wedding reception. click here to see them in action!

the corner also features another wedding decor item that’s been repurposed; recognize these manzanita branches from our wishing tree display?

i’ve also hung a few pieces of artwork around the house, the first two of which were housewarming party gifts back in november:




fun, right? while i’m not sure the design of the “home” print is my style, it sure is a sweet saying! i also love the way the “hope” word fits right in to our gallery wall in our hallway upstairs.

and now, for a new addition to L’s room – faux taxidermy, yeah!



that’s a rhino, and he’s my pal. i like him oh so much, and L thought it was funny to touch (before i hung the rhino way, way up high so that L’s little hands can’t reach him). our friend the rhino is from Cardboard Safari.

last up, i’ve had some fun adding drawer liners made from wrapping paper (from the One Spot at Target!) to our newly repainted nursery-changing-table-turned-console:



i definitely want to seal these drawer liners up with some Mod Podge before too long to make the graphic cuteness last, but i haven’t gotten that far yet – soon!

what mini updates are you making around your home? isn’t it funny how the littlest things can make a room seem more polished or finished? adding a few accessories to the nook above the hallway was a real game-changer for me.

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